Your car, the iPhone 7, and why it’s no big deal.

It happened today. The day enthusiasts all over the world waited for. The new iPhone 7 was announced, with a long list of impressive features and spec upgrades over the iPhone 6. It looks to be the best iPhone by far.Apple iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 has advanced 12MP dual camera lenses that shoot as one. It has a 25% brighter, more colorful display. It’s reported to have two times faster processing and three times faster graphics speed than the iPhone 6, and an hour longer battery life. It is splash and water resistant.

It comes with stereo sound, and no pesky headphone jack… <record scratch…>

No headphone jack? Nope. But it does come with the Lightning to 3.5 miniphono adapter, and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology.

According to Apple, replacement adapters will be available soon for only $9, for those of us who lose things in-between or under car seats. Or for those of us with children who lose things in-between or under car seats.Lightning Adapter

Quite possibly the biggest downside, however, is that even with the adapter, you cannot necessarily charge your phone and listen to music at the same time.

But there is hope:

  • Bluetooth. Many newer vehicles come with Bluetooth, which takes care of the whole charging and listening problem. You can charge the phone, and have your car capture your favorite prom tunes this way.
  • The USB port. If you have a USB port, you probably have Bluetooth. However, this function should allow you to both charge and wire your sound at the same time. Some prefer it wired, but most don’t notice the difference.
  • No Bluetooth and no USB port? No problem. Look for a Bluetooth receiver with radio transmitting capabilities. These are generally available under $30, and plug directly into your “cigarette” adapter. Some offer USB ports as well as support Micro SD cards for your all-in-one solution.

The iPhone 7 isn’t available quite yet, so keep in mind that there is plenty of time for other new adapters to be released in the next several weeks. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated!

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