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Different Convertible Types for Different Personality Types

Darrek Olson

There are many different choices when it comes to finding the right type of convertible. They say the vehicle you drive tells others a lot about your personality. In honor of Convertible Week at Carsforsale.com, we thought we would have a little fun and make a list of the different types of convertibles and pair them with personality traits. Think of this as almost like a horoscope, but with your car and not birthday. Check below to find out what your convertible is telling others about you.

“The Little Guy”

Don’t let people make fun of you just because your vehicle is small. These fuel efficient, space savers are great for the large cities where parking can be tough to find. You are a frugal and resourceful person and are laughing all the way to the bank with the money you save on gas and even parking. You are a spontaneous person who often likes to pack-up the car for short, spontaneous weekend road trips along the shore or to the lake.Also,  remember no one can argue with you that these smaller vehicles don’t have enough headroom.


“American Made Muscle Cruiser”

AmericanThis is the convertible for people who know cars. You likely grew up with your dad, or another family member, teaching you everything they knew about cars. When you were little, you knew exactly what type of car you wanted. Although you may have wanted that 1968 Ford Mustang, you work way too hard at your job to take on that type of restoration project. You likely have a very kind and understanding partner in life who understands your need to feel alive when you drive. Someday your children will want this exact same car you are now driving. With the quality of the American-made muscle car, you might even be able to hand them the keys to this one some day.


“Executive European Import”

benzoWow, do these convertibles look classy! Then again, so do those who drive them. You have worked your way up the corporate ladder to get to where you are. You deserve to drive a car like this. You mean business and you meet everyone with a firm handshake and a gentle smile. You are the life of every party you walk in to. When you pick your children up from their softball game, the entire team wants to come along for the ride. You can take important business calls in the luxury sedan with the top up. But, you can also roll up your sleeves and hang loose to let the wind rip through you hair when the top is down.


“Vintage With Style”

vintageThese are the gateway or starter convertibles for many younger drivers. Why buy a new car when you can save so much many with an older model? You work hard for your money and want to enjoy life while you can without a high monthly loan payment. This may be a secondary vehicle for you and only occasionally do you ride around with the top down. When you do have that top rolled back, it’s with style as you sport some killer sunglasses.


“The Throw-Way-Way Back”

RetroWay back in the day, these convertibles ruled the streets much like you rule your office building currently. You are the idea guy who everyone looks to for inspiration. You clearly have great taste in vehicles, and that classy approach to decision making is evident throughout your life. You are an assertive leader and this big-body convertible is the perfect car to reflect that personality. You were likely taught at an early age to appreciate cars, and the choice to buy the this model was an easy one for you.


“The Unconventional Convertible”

unconventionalThis category of convertibles is one that often goes overlooked. By definition, these still fall under the convertible category although they may also be confused with another vehicle classification while the top is up. Just like the vehicles, the owners are similar in that they completely transform. Maybe you are a lawyer who spends their weekdays in a suit and tie and the weekend in full-length waders while fly fishing in the mountains. Or maybe you work in the IT department coding websites, before you take off on the weekends for backpacking trips. Either way, you likely have a love of the outdoors and getting dirty. You have a convertible as just another way to enjoy the outdoors. You also would much rather grill a steak than eat at a fancy restaurant.


“Base Model Upgrade”

chryslerHaving the base model just was not going to cut it for you. “Oh that comes in a convertible option? Heck yes I’ll take that!” This is our wildcard category because you are just as diverse of a group as the vehicles that are offered. These are not your big expensive luxury vehicles. These are the everyday family vehicles that just so happen to have an electric hard or soft top option. These are the cars that blend in with the rest of the world for most of the time; almost like Superman. However, no phone booth is necessary for this transformation. However, what all these people have in common is that they are not the type of people that settle for anything but the best. Sunroof? No way! I want that Chrysler Sebring with the convertible option.

Darrek Olson
Darrek Olson

Darrek is an enthusiast driver who values the journey more than the destination. A self-proclaimed Miata fanboy, his obscure knowledge of cars sometimes prevents him from remembering what he had for breakfast.

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    Buz July 9, 2014

    You forgot the BMW M3 convertible


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