What do a Funny Car, Trolley Car and Ambulance Have in Common? – Weird Stuff Wednesday

They are ALL currently for sale on Carsforsale.com.

Last week’s post for Weird Wednesday, Carsforsale.com looked at a Formula 1 Race Car, a Barstool Racer and Bus with a Fireplace. Thousands of new vehicles get added each day on Carsforsale.com. We combed through the listing and definitely found some weird and unique items for sale this week.

Funny Car

Gone in 3.4 Seconds

Maybe the racing vehicles from last week weren’t quite unique enough for you. Well then the 1972 Cuda Nastaglia Funny Car for sale in New York might be what you are looking for. Yes, it is actually called a Funny Car. The term “funny car” actually comes from the style of drag racing where both rear tires have been moved forward on the chassis and replaced with two oversized tires. Obviously the vehicle looks very different with normal tires on the front and a larger set on the back, hence the name funny car. This 471 cubic inch engine block catapults the Funny Car down a 1320 foot track in around 4.5 seconds at speeds of 315 MPH. Who’s laughing now?



A Streetcar You Should Desire

Typically when people look for a vehicle capable of holding a few more passengers they maybe look at adding a third row of seating. Therefore any 22 passenger vehicle isn’t your typical everyday vehicle. Newly listed for sale out of Kentucky is a 22 passenger vehicle with a twist, a traditional-style 1988 Chance Trolley. This classic trolley comes complete with mahogany interior and brass trim exterior. Electric trolleys have historically been used as public transportation since their invention in the 1880’s. This rubber-tired version is gas powered has bench seating and exits in both the front and rear for easily hopping on and off.



“I’ve Got a Bad Case of Loving this Truck”

Ambulances have also been used for transportation since the 1800’s. However, you don’t have to wait any longer to buy one because a dealer from Michigan has one listed on Carsforsale.com. This 2002 Ford F-350 XLT Super Duty has been converted into a working ambulance and includes a full-sized stretcher and other various equipment that was used to transport a patient. With the rising cost of healthcare in America, a trip to a hospital in an ambulance can be expensive. This isn’t the case when you own your own ambulance. Also, Halloween is only 275 days away and the costume options are endless when you have your own ambulance to take out with you.

These are just a few of the oddities that are listed on Carsforsale.com. Each and every Wednesday we will discover more one-of-a-kind vehicles for sale on Carsforsale.com. If you find anything different or strange and think should be highlighted, comment below. It just might be featured in next week’s Weird Stuff Wednesday post.