What Are The Most Dependable Car Makes? We Dive In To The J.D. Power Dependability Study and Run a Comparison With Carsforsale.com Traffic Views

This week, J.D. Power released their 2014 Vehicle Dependability Study.  The results left us surprised!  We decided to highlight some of the key points from their study, and compare their results with our vehicle make views from Carsforsale.com traffic.  Let’s dive right in!

You might be asking yourself, “What could possibly shock them about a dependability study?”  Well, for the first time in over 15 years, the auto industry saw a decline in vehicle dependability.  Traditionally, as technology in our world advances, our vehicles get safer.  For 2014 models, this just wasn’t the case.  Compared to last year, the average amount of problems experienced in cars and trucks of all makes actually increased by six percent.

At this point, you may be wondering what caused this six percent increase in problems.  There may be multiple factors, but this study indicates that the primary cause is the push to improve fuel economy.  Car manufacturers are continuously looking for ways to improve the gas mileage of vehicles, which leads to changes in engine and transmission design.  This is a fact that was on full display in our recent Blog Post, “Toyota Recalls 1.9 Million Prius Cars – Comparison of Hybrid Cars.”  The fear is that while car-makers are pushing to reduce fuel intake, they may be sacrificing quality.

Dependable Vehicles

Dependable Vehicles


This year, Lexus ranks as the top dog in vehicle dependability among all vehicle makes for a third consecutive year!  There is a large gap between the #1 spot and the #2 spot, as Mercedes-Benz came in second place.  Other noteable rankings are Honda at #6, Toyota at #8, Chevy at #13, and Ford at #17.  The J.D. Power Dependability Study is complete with an infographic, ranking the top 31 vehicle makes.  For reference, Lexus had 68 “Problems Per 100 Vehicles,” while the industry average is set at 133 PP100.

Why is dependability important?  The fewer the problems a car owner experiences, the more likely they will stay loyal to that particular brand.  Today’s consumer is more likely to avoid vehicles from companies with a lower rank in dependability.

With that, we thought it would be fun to compare some of the makes from this dependability study with our own numbers in make views from Carsforsale.com traffic.  Here are the top viewed makes from the last three months:

  • Ford – 14,071,863
  • Chevrolet – 13,299,501
  • Dodge – 5,449,249
  • Toyota – 4,592,189
  • Honda – 4,140,686
  • BMW – 4,077,913
  • Mercedes-Benz – 3,042,039
  • Jeep – 2,594,433
  • GMC – 2,538,457
  • Cadillac – 2,375,607
  • Volkswagen – 2,225,551
  • Acura – 1,999,179
  • Buick – 1,616,552
  • Lexus – 1,605,066
  • Mazda – 1,592,092
  • Hyundai – 1,510,503
  • Kia – 1,302,399
  • Infiniti – 1,283,399
  • Lincoln – 1,247,296
  • Subaru – 912,683
  • Scion – 505,371
  • Mini – 425,626

How important is vehicle dependability to you?