Weird Stuff Wednesday – Volkswagen Thing, Piano Buick, “Creamsicle Bus”

We grow up hearing, “be yourself” and “it’s okay to be unique.” Based on this advice, these 3 vehicles are on the right track. Weird Stuff Wednesday is a special day where we find and feature 3 fun and unique vehicles from For your viewing pleasure this week, we found a Buick Century used in the movie Behind the Candelabra, a completely redone 1953 Flxible Bus, and a summer-themed 1973 Volkswagen Thing. With millions of vehicles from all across the country, you never know what kinds of famous, beautiful, or weird vehicles will show up on

 1973 Volkswagen Thing

1973 Volkswagen ThingOriginally an off-road military vehicle, the Volkswagen Thing was sold in the US from 1973-1974. This 1973 VW Thing has been beautifully redone on both the inside and out. The exterior yellow paintjob with blue and green accents is sure to make this Volkswagen Thing stand out.

Inside, the theme is yellow, black, and wooden. The floors-mats are a palate-like stained wood, and seats come with wood beaded seat covers. In the rear, custom speakers were added, surrounded by burlap mat. This tropical-themed ride exemplifies summer.

1953 Flxible Bus

flxible busAccording to the seller, this 1953 Flxible Bus, named “Creamsicle”, is acclaimed as the West Coast Award Winning, “Most Beautiful Flxible in the World.” That’s no surprise to us. According to the seller, “This rare bus has an extremely interesting history and is the culmination of a 7 year build. Upwards of 6,000 professional build hours.”

The throwback paint scheme features chrome, sea foam green, vanilla milkshake, coral, a purple beauty line, and forest green interior. The inside of this bus is nearly as impressive as the outside. It features all amenities you would expect in an RV plus an outside entertainment center, remote luggage door, Marilyn Monroe fluorescent radio, bar area, lighted cabinets, lighted mirror dice, and much more.

1976 Buick Century

Behind The CandelabraIf Beethoven could buy a car, this would be the one. This 1976 Buick Century was used in the 2013 HBO movie, “Behind The Candelabra,” hence the piano paint job on each side. The Buick Century wagon seats 9, with front bench seats and a rear facing row in the back of the wagon. This is the perfect vehicle for pianists, piano instructors, or Behind The Candelabra fans.



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