Weird Stuff Wednesday – Red Mist Mustang, Chrysler Sno-Runner, 1939 Oldsmobile Limo

Need a mid-week pick me up? Every week we dig through the millions of cars on and feature 3 of the weirdest we can find. This week we found 1 of 3 Red Mist Mustang replicas from the movie Kick-Ass, a 1939 Oldsmobile custom limousine, and a Chrysler Sno-Runner.

2008 Ford Mustang GT Red Mist Edition

Red Mist Mustang

This incredible 2008 Ford Mustang GT Red Mist edition is 1 of 3 replicas created. Red Mist, the villain of the movie, drove a Mustang just like this one in the movie Kick-Ass. Whether you liked the movie or not, this 2008 Red Mist Mustang is impressive. The custom body kit with “Torch Red” paint job and Red Mist logo creates the perfect look for a villain car. According to the seller, this project took 5 months and over $100,000 to complete!

Under the hood is the typical Mustang GT 4.6L V8 equipped with a Vortech V-4 High Output supercharger. In case that wasn’t enough, there are dual nitrous tanks as well. This replica Red Mist Mustang has all the bells and whistles: front and rearview camera, navigation, leather interior, and much more.

1939 Oldsmobile Custom Limo

1939 Oldsmobile limoWe see a lot of cool limousines on, but this one certainly stands out. Aside from the unique exterior, this 1939 Oldsmobile Limo has a custom leather interior with a purple and black color scheme. With seating for at least 11 people, a mini-bar, and speaker system, this limo is ready to roll.



1979 Chrysler Sno-Runner

Chrysler Sno-RunnerIs it a bike? Is it a snowmobile? Yes, and yes. This is a 1979 Chrysler Sno-Runner. Rumor has it Chrysler initially developed the Sno-Runner for military use as a light-weight snow vehicle a soldier could carry on his/her back. When the military decided against using them, Chrysler offered the Sno-Runner to the public. It’s estimated that around 28,000 Sno-Runners were created before this vehicle was discontinued.

This single ski snow cycle was promoted to the public with the cheesy slogan, “When The Snow Falls, The Chrysler Sno-Runner Calls!” If you live in a snowy climate and want a new toy, I can think of nothing cooler than this little piece of history.

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