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Weird Stuff Wednesday – Mud Truck – NASCAR Race Car – 1931 Fire Truck

Darrek Olson

The groundhog wasn’t able to see his shadow this year, dooming Americans to six more weeks of winter. We wanted to take this Weird Stuff Wednesday edition and focus on vehicles that are unique and odd-looking, but make you want to get outside early this spring. Quite frankly, we don’t care what some oversized woodchuck said about the weather, because we are ready for the hot summer days ahead!

NASCARCarsforsale.com sponsored the No. 40 car driven by Landon Cassill at the Daytona 500 on Sunday. This was the first major race of the year in the Sprint Cup Series this summer. Very few things symbolize summer more than watching a Sprint Cup race from high up in the grandstands or inside of track in the pit. This 1995 NASCAR Ford Fusion Racer currently on sale in Fort Lawn, S.C. and is perfect for those not wanting to just watch the action. This Robert Yates Racing UPS #88 car is still race ready…even though you may not be.

Mud CartSometime the summer can brings long walks on the shore or other simple things like sitting outside on the porch while enjoying the sun. For some, the simple pleasures in life are just too boring and dull. Those people are the ones who would rather enjoy taking a giant custom truck and running it through mud puddles.  This 1995 Mud Truck Off-Road is perfect for taking the road less traveled. Heck, you can even make your own road through whatever terrain you wanted with this vehicle.  Complete with an external roll cage and four link suspension, this isn’t just a vehicle, but a hobby as well.

Shriner CarVery few things mean summer has arrived more than an old fashion Independence Day parade. During this, cool cars drive down the local Main Street greeted by small children waving American flags. Why not kick start your own city parade and drive this 1931 Shriner Fire Truck around town?  You may not always get a parade started, but it’s likely to get people on the sidewalk to stop and look awkwardly as you drive; which is almost the same thing. This functional one-seat electric fire truck comes with a functional water hose, just in case you may actually need to fight a fire.

These are just a few of the oddities listed on Carsforsale.com.  Each and every Wednesday, we will discover more one-of-a-kind vehicles for sale. If you find a vehicle that you think is strange and should be featured in an upcoming issue of Weird Stuff Wednesday, please comment below and we’ll take a look!

Darrek Olson
Darrek Olson

Darrek is an enthusiast driver who values the journey more than the destination. A self-proclaimed Miata fanboy, his obscure knowledge of cars sometimes prevents him from remembering what he had for breakfast.

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