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Weird Stuff Wednesday – Fred Flintstone Mobile – NASCAR Trike – Homemade Harley Davidson

Darrek Olson
Weird Stuff Wednesday – Fred Flintstone Mobile – NASCAR Trike – Homemade Harley Davidson

With the short work-week due to holiday weekend, it is hard to believe it is time for Weird Stuff Wednesday already. Just like last week (and the week before that and the week before that), we found a few interesting vehicles currently selling within Carsforsale.com. You never know what unique, one of a kind items you will find while searching for your next vehicle.

2008 Cool City Customs Trike - Carsforsale.com

2008 Cool City Customs Trike – Carsforsale.com  |  Shop Motorcycles and Scooters on Carsforsale.com

The first vehicle is this 2008 Cool City Customs Trike selling in Grand Rapids, MI. Since we began to sponsor Sprint Cup driver Landon Cassill in the #40 Carsforsale.com car, NASCAR related vehicles tend to spark our interest. Initially the giant tires got our attention, but this item has a bigger connection to NASCAR than just the tires. This vehicle was a custom piece designed for a 2008 NASCAR Truck Series race at Michigan International Speedway. If purchased, you may want to swap the tires out for some new ones, as the tires that are included are signed by over 30 drivers. From the paint job to the Frankenstein trike to custom accents, this is truly a one-of-a-kind bike for any NASCAR fan.

2013 Harley-Davidson Homemade Trike - Carsforsale.com

2013 Harley-Davidson Homemade Trike – Carsforsale.com  |  Shop Harley-Davidson on Carsforsale.com

The last item got us interested in trikes, which led us to this 2013 Harley-Davidson Homemade Trike for sale in Blue Island, IL. We aren’t quite sure if this is more a car or a bike since the back end doesn’t match the front end. The handle bars on this custom trike are the most unique feature since the carriage you sit in is more than 4 feet behind the front spoke that controls the direction the vehicle goes. Therefore, the handlebars extend back across the engine block and into the cab of the vehicle. This is also probably one of the few trikes out there that features a bench seat with seat belts for both riders.

1994 Flintmobile Fred Flinstone Car - Carsforsale.com
1994 Flintmobile Fred Flinstone Car - Carsforsale.com

Finally, we found this 1994 Flintmobile Fred Flintstone Car for sale in Volo, IL. We have featured many vehicles from this dealer on Weird Stuff Wednesday. The Volo Auto Museum is a giant collection of rare cars along with vehicles used in production Hollywood movies or replicas of famous movie vehicles. Unlike other traditional museums you may visit, many of the items are either available for sale or rent by visitors. Luckily, this vehicle has an engine underneath one of the giant tires, otherwise you would need to have strong legs to drive it; especially when going uphill. However, with the rising cost of gas prices, you may like the efficiency of a foot powered vehicle like Fred Flintstone once used in the “Modern Stone Age.”

If you find any vehicles that stick out as being unique, strange or weird, leave a comment below with a link or shoot us a message on any of our social media accounts. We love to find these fun vehicles and highlight them each and every week on Weird Stuff Wednesday.

Darrek Olson
Darrek Olson

Darrek is an enthusiast driver who values the journey more than the destination. A self-proclaimed Miata fanboy, his obscure knowledge of cars sometimes prevents him from remembering what he had for breakfast.

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