Weird Stuff Wednesday – Cutaway Van – Mobility Scooter – Flux Capacitor DeLorean

At, we have a wide range of vehicles to fit any personality. We like to highlight a few of the more unique vehicles each week that you may not find anywhere. We call this weekly post Weird Stuff Wednesday. Maybe you don’t want the newly redesigned 2015 Ford F-150, with aluminum body for increased fuel efficiency. You might feel more comfortable in a 1954 Chevy Classic Monster Truck; which is currently for sale. If so, then these vehicles are for you!


Ford Econoline ConversionFirst, we found this 1984 Ford Econoline E-350 Cutaway Van selling in Boerne, TX.  This Econoline started it’s life as a large van, and was converted into a pick-up truck. We have seen many conversion vans for sale on, but nothing quite like this. It’s common to see older Econoline models converted into things like sleeper vans or party buses; such as this Ford E-350 with a built in fireplace and brick hearth. This one however, is clearly designed for business rather than pleasure, as this “truck” has has a load capacity of 1 ton.



WSW - Mobility TrikeSelling in Joliet, IL is this 2012 eWheels 500W Electric Mobility Trike. There are so many things going on with this item that we don’t quite know where to start. This is a mobility trike, meaning this is similar to a mobility scooter only this has three wheels and is slightly smaller and faster. It has a adjustable chair seat in the back to give comfort to the driver passenger. The weirdness it this comes from when you start to think about what exactly this mobility trike is intended for. The concept thought behind this is to give disabled, or sometimes elderly, people an easy way to get around by themselves. However, with this design, the comfortable seat is in the back; meant for the passenger. The independence that a mobility scooter gives you is lost, as you will need to find someone to sit on the front bicycle seat and chauffeur you around.


Back to the Future Flux CapacitorWe got very excited when we found this 1984 DeLorean for sale in Volo, IL. The DeLorean was only produced for a short time in the early 1980’s. The Back to the Future movie trilogy made this vehicle extremely famous; although that fame did not quite equate into large sales numbers for the DeLorean. There are rumored to only be a few thousand models still around (a few of which can be purchased on This DeLorean is special because it has been customized to look exactly like the vehicle from the movies. The car would not be complete without a flux capacitor. You’ll have to contact the dealer to find out if the flux capacitor actually fluxes while driving at 88 miles per hour. If it does, please feel free to stop in at any time and give our marketing team a ride.


If you happen to see a strange or interesting vehicle on, pass it along to us in the comments section. We love finding these odd vehicles and may even feature it in next week’s Weird Stuff Wednesday.