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Weird Stuff Wednesday and Van Week – Super Secret Spy Van – Van Without Doors – Hod Rod Van

Darrek Olson
Weird Stuff Wednesday and Van Week – Super Secret Spy Van – Van Without Doors – Hod Rod Van

Not only is it Weird Stuff Wednesday but it is smack in the middle of Van Week at Carsforsale.com. So of course, we had to combine the two into one special event. We found some very interesting vans that definitely didn’t look like that when they rolled off the manufacturing floor.

1954 Chevrolet Hot Rod Panel Van

1954 Chevrolet Hot Rod Panel Van – Carsforsale.com  |  Shop Chevrolet 3100 on Carsforsale.com

This 1954 Chevrolet Hot Rod Panel Van selling in Westford. MA is clearly a custom job. You won’t have to worry about the kids messing the interior up with Cheetos, Doritos and stale French fries because this is a panel van. The backseat is clear and does not contain any seats for messy kids but instead used for storage and to haul items around. There are drop down seats from the back door for additional passengers if needed. The seats in the front are originally from an SUV from the 1990’s for added comfort. Don’t let the fact it’s a van fool you. This is a panel van mixed with a hot rod with a 455 cubic inch engine that will leave any base model minivan in it’s dust.

1993 Ford E-350

1993 Ford E-350 – Carsforsale.com  |  Shop Ford E-350 on Carsforsale.com

We immediately fell in love with this 1993 Ford E-350 available in Long Beach, CA. Growing up, your parents likely taught you that it’s not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts. This is a prime example. The outside does include a custom paint job with beer logos on the front and sides. The inside is the cross between half secret spy operation and music DJ booth. You truly have to look at the vehicle photos to get a complete understanding. Television monitors from way back in 1993 when the van was made, are connected to a secret video camera pointed outside the van. This would be perfect for any entry level spy looking for a secret van. Although it probably sticks out a lot with the custom paint job. There are as many speakers in there as a wedding DJ booth. And of course, just like in 1993 with your family’s television, included are 8 different remote controls to turn it on and off.

1972 Volkswagen Vanagon Bus

1972 Volkswagen Vanagon Bus – Carsforsale.com  |  Shop Volkswagen Vanagon on Carsforsale.com

Our last vehicle is this 1972 Volkswagen Vanagon Bus for sale in Bellflower, CA. Many vans, especially minivans, have sliding doors in the rear of the vehicle. Well this vehicle is very unique because it doesn’t have any doors in the rear, period. Instead, the doors have been replaces with canvas that roll down and cover the side of the van. When getting inside the driver’s seat, you have to maneuver over the front tires. This is why the tires look small in comparison to the rest of the vehicle. Another interesting feature is that the spare tire in on the front of the vehicle rather than the rear. Then again the front of the vehicle looks the exact same as the back.

Stay tuned to Carsforsale.com’s social media accounts all week for fun facts about all things related to vans. Also, we sure to check back every Wednesday as we continue to explore some fun and interesting vehicles for sale on Carsforsale.com.

Darrek Olson
Darrek Olson

Darrek is an enthusiast driver who values the journey more than the destination. A self-proclaimed Miata fanboy, his obscure knowledge of cars sometimes prevents him from remembering what he had for breakfast.

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