Weird Stuff Wednesday – ’69 Police Plymouth – Chameleon Impala – Winter-Ready Golf Cart

It’s Sedan Week at, so this week’s Weird Stuff Wednesday features just three of the thousands of unique sedans found on Most consider sedans to be the standard when considering a car, but this week’s picks are far from the norm.

Weird stuff wednesday 3Our first pick this week is a 1995 Chevrolet Impala for sale in Oklahoma City, OK. This ride has chameleon paint on virtually every surface, but you certainly won’t be blending in if you buy this car. This Impala’s exterior features a hood scoop that dominates the front and chrome Bentchi wheels. The outside is just the beginning as an LT1 Corvette Motor that produces around 350 horsepower is under the hood. Nearly everything on the interior is chrome and marble trim. It’s safe to assume that previous owners had a little too much free time, but the result is awesome.
WSW-CopOur next pick is this 1969 Plymouth Fury for sale in Burlington City, NJ. Working lights and sirens, original PA system and a 383 V8; what else could you need? You could impress your buddies, freak out your spouse or reenact the scenes from your favorite cop movies; the possibilities are endless. Before you wipe the dust off your collection of cop gear, remember that impersonating any public official is a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment. Lighting up the sirens and screaming through the PA system at your friends on the road is probably a bad idea. If you can resist these urges, this police car is for you.

Weird stuff wednesday 1.pngFinally, check out this 2010 Columbia Parcar for sale in Danville, VA. This electric cart features such a large cab that we believe it is worthy of its position in Sedan Week. Believe it or not, this Parcar is ready for a driver and three passengers to sit fairly comfortably.

As gas prices rise, this would be a fuel-efficient commuting alternative that won’t ruin your hair like a motorcycle. You could purchase a vehicle like this and use it for work, but why not fill the back compartment with refreshments and turn some heads at the golf course? Perhaps Icelandic golf leagues could consider investing in golf carts with cabs to prolong their already short golf season.
If you find a vehicle on that you think should be featured on Weird Stuff Wednesday, let us know in the comments and we may feature it in a future edition. Want more weird stuff? There’s always more Weird Stuff Wednesday.