Weird Stuff Wednesday – 1980 Camaro Dragster, International MXT, 8-Passenger Cart

You could be doing anything right now; working, cleaning, exercising, making friends, or volunteering. All those things can wait. We are glad you’re here. It’s time for Weird Stuff Wednesday! On this special day we find 3 unique, fun, odd, or just plain weird vehicles on and feature them for your viewing pleasure. This week, enjoy a 1980 Camaro dragster, an 8 passenger golf cart, and a customized International MXT.

2011 Evergreen 8 Passenger

2011 Evergreen 8 passengerTired of giving tours of your estate in boring 2 passenger golf carts? Look no further. This all-electric Evergreen 8 Passenger cart is a tour guide’s dream ride. It would also be a great choice for large golfing families.

Drive up to 25 MPH for around 304 miles in this golden bullet. The roof will protect passengers from the sun, while pull-down side wind screens will protect riders from the elements. Listed as street legal, this vehicle is ready for the open road.

1980 Chevrolet Camaro

1980 Chevrolet CamaroIt’s hard not to love an old Camaro, especially if it’s ready for the drag strip like this bad boy. This teal 1980 Camaro with silver rear and orange/red accents looks fast, and its stats agree

Powering this beast is a blown 408 big block engine with a glide and 4.10:1 gears. This 1980 Camaro allegedly ran a 9.6 second quarter mile at 140 mph before adding the blower. Want to find out how fast it is now? Buy it and see for yourself.

2008 International MXT

2015 international mxtIf a Hummer, a Humvee, and a semi-truck had a baby, this would be the result. Tired of feeling outsized and outmatched on the road? This customized 2008 International MXT (Most Extreme Truck) should do the trick. International created the MXT primarily for commercial use, and  it’s based on military vehicle design.

This menacing MXT has a custom built ram cage and is almost completely blacked out. You can yell at bad drivers through the PA system, or just ram them out of the way; this truck can do both. This MXT is not only ready for a zombie apocalypse, but it’s incredibly luxurious. Inside, enjoy a rear TV/DVD entertainment center, Bentley-like diamond stitched leather, strobe light, and more.

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