Weird Stuff Wednesday – 1967 Chevy Nova, Custom Raptor, 1951 Ford

Every week, we search for the coolest, weirdest, and most unique vehicles we can find to feature in Weird Stuff Wednesday. With millions of vehicle listings, there are sure to be a few oddballs and jaw-droppers. This week is no exception, as we found a custom 1967 Chevy Nova that won the 2011 Street Machine of the Year award, a custom Ford Raptor, and a beautiful classic 1951 Ford Convertible.

Custom 1967 Chevrolet Nova

1967 Chevrolet NovaThis 1967 Chevy Nova is incredible, and famous. It won the 2011 Street Machine of the Year award with its innovative, futuristic design. It all started with a beat up ’67 Nova, and has evolved into a spaceship-looking 700 hp muscle car. The interior design rivals some of the coolest modern concept cars. Watch the seller’s video describing this car to hear the build story, engine startup, and more. This is probably the coolest 1967 Chevrolet Nova you will ever lay eyes on.

Custom 2015 Ford Raptor

Ford RaptorAs if the Raptor wasn’t a capable off-road truck in the first place, take a look at this Custom 2015 Ford Raptor. This bad boy has a 440 small block engine, Toyo Tires, 80 gallon fuel safe, front LED bar, racing seats, Bentley leather interior, 2 GPS systems, a fridge/freezer, and much more. This Ford Raptor is ready for the toughest off-road adventures.


1951 Ford Convertible

1951 Ford ConvertibleFinally, check out this classic 1951 Ford Convertible. The exterior is eye-catching, thanks to the deep red paint with pink stipes. This classic Ford has a custom grille with Corvette teeth, 1957 Cadillac hubcaps, rear fender skirts, and more. Powered by a 351 Windsor V8 and a C6 automatic tranny, this 1951 Ford is a memorable classic both inside and out.


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