Vote in the Championship of the Bracket Showdown

The Bracket Showdown is now down to the Championship round! What started with a field of 64 vehicles are now down to only two vehicles, battling it out to see who will be the Bracket Showdown Champion. Voting in the Championship round will be open until Monday, April 7th at 11:59 PM CST.

Now that the final stage is set, here is the updated bracket showing how the #4 Dodge Charger and #1 Ford F-150 drove their way through the competition to make it to the final big dance. Bracket Showdown - Championship Bracket Showdown – Championship


Results of the National Semifinals  

In the quest to find the top vehicle in America, many matchups have been very close. The voting results for the National Semifinals showed just how exciting the Bracket Showdown really is. Both vehicles that advanced, did so by only just a few votes.

The #4 Dodge Charger emerged as an underdog from what was an otherwise predictable Sedans region, to enter the Semifinals. The Charger faced the #5 Cadillac Escalade, who entered the match by taking down the #1 Chevrolet Suburban and #2 Jeep Wrangler from the SUVs/Crossovers region. In the closest matchup of the entire tournament, the Dodge Charger narrowly escaped defeat by advancing with 51% of the votes.

The East side of the bracket was a showdown of two #1 seeded vehicles as the Ford Mustang and Ford F-150 entered into a Ford family rivalry to see which was the fan favorite. The Ford F-150 has been able to storm through the competition in the Trucks/Vans region to advance. The Ford Mustang has had a harder road to the Semifinals, as it narrowly beat the Dodge Viper and Chevrolet Camaro in two very close contests. However, the Mustang was unable to pull ahead and suffered a narrow-margined defeat themself as the Mustang only collected 48% of the votes against the Ford F-150.

For those who have voted in previous round don’t forget to cast you final vote in the Championship round of the Bracket Showdown. This round is a winner-take-all bout to find who will remain as champion. Fans of each vehicle are highly encouraged to share their link and encourage people to vote for your vehicle. With the close margins of victory in the last round, this championship is likely going to be another close contest.


To vote in Round Six, the Championship Final, visit the Facebook Page and click the Bracket Showdown app tab.