Visiting for a Q&A with Driver Landon Cassill




Before Landon Cassill fired up that beautiful No. 40 car at Kansas Speedway, we were able to ask him a few questions about his life off the track. We definitely have to say that based on what Landon said, we love this guy even more. We’ve been slowly releasing these answers on our social media accounts, but here is the complete rundown of Landon’s answers.  Don’t forget to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Google+




Days of Thunder of course, mainly because I grew up watching that movie over and over again.”





My first car was a 1988 Ford Festiva. It was a hand-me-down from my older brother and had a top speed of about 78mph. Trust me. I loved that car. When I got it from Zac the clutch was smoked, so we had to change it. In those cars, you had to take the motor mounts loose in the front to get the motor tilted back and take the bell housing off, but the motor mounts were completely rusted. Easy solution, we just took a torch and blasted the motor mounts off the front. Ever since then the engine would always twist up under power and slam down on the sway bar in the front when you shift.  In high school, I never had any money, so I would use left-over race gas from my late model after race weekends to fill it up. I also never changed the oil in that car. I would just check the oil periodically and add oil when it was low, like a lawnmower. It used all kinds of different oils that we’d find in the shop. One winter I put a little too thick oil in and it was hard to start when it was cold. Still ran like champ though. Best car ever.”

*Photo Credit: Thanks Momma Cassill for digging this amazing photo up!





That’s a good question, I think Tom Cruise might be the biggest celebrity I’ve ever met. Rick Hendrick introduced me to him in Las Vegas. He was very nice, and was with his son who was also very friendly and talkative. I met Mindy Kaling in Fontana and got my picture taken with her. She was super sweet; my wife was jealous. We love her shows.”





Funny that you ask, people always ask me this question expecting some exotic answer, but you gotta’ remember that I grew up in the car business. I am constantly personally buying and selling cars, never really attaching myself to anything specific. With technology these days, the internet, (shameless plug) websites like, buying and selling cars is not hard to do. I’m currently driving a Dodge Ram work truck, mainly because it had some damage when I bought it, and got it really cheap. I’ll probably sell it in the next couple weeks and buy a small SUV.”





No superstitions. Mostly routines. I always pray with my Dad before every race, or on the phone if he’s not there at the track with me. Race days are a pretty consistent routine for me, I always get there at the same time, commit the same blocks of time for meeting with folks, then the drivers meeting, then eat before the race, get dressed, relax and then head to intros. I usually have a banana or some sort of snack in my race car for some nutritious fuel mid race.”





“I have no idea, haha. Maybe the fans have a good suggestion?????”