UPDATE: Mitsubishi Motors Confesses 25 Years of Cheating Fuel Tests

Mitsubishi Motors Fuel test cheating

Mitsubishi Motors Improper Fuel Testing Began in 1991

Mitsubishi Motors has stolen the bad PR spotlight from VW and Takata, having confessed to cheating fuel tests since 1991. As reported in our latest weekly news update, Mitsubishi had already admitted to “improper conduct” in fuel testing on April 20th.

“For the domestic market, we have been using that method since 1991,” stated Ryugo Nakao on April 26th. The company claims its ambitious internal targets may have pressured employees to falsify fuel economy data and testing. While many executives have claimed to be ignorant of the false data, the company clearly accepts the responsibility.

The number of vehicles affected is completely unknown, but we know these falsified numbers will be more prevalent overseas than in the US. At this time, Japanese minicars eK Wagon and eK Space are the first known vehicles that underwent improper fuel testing. This testing also affected 2 minicars that Mitsubishi created for Nissan Motor Company.

What is Mitsubishi Motors Doing?

With market value plummeting, and public concern skyrocketing, Mitsubishi Motors has hired 3 external lawyers to report on the scandal over the next 3 months. Sales and production of models in question is on hold for the time being. Legal repercussions are to be determined, but they could be extremely costly. The Japanese government gave out tax rebates based on fuel economy ratings of the Mitsubishi vehicles in question. Mitsubishi may also be responsible for the minicars with false numbers that Mitsubishi created for Nissan.

What Should You Do?

Worst case scenario, your Mitsubishi vehicle may have slightly falsified fuel economy estimates. The majority of the affected vehicles will be Mitsubishi cars sold in Japan. Keep an eye on the Carsforsale.com News section for the latest information on the fuel testing scandal.