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Top Ten Tailgating Vehicles According to Carsforsale.com


Football season is in full swing!  Along with football season comes the great American tradition of tailgating.  This special pastime offers friends and family the opportunity to share the excitement of their team spirit while enjoying beverages, food, and fun!

We decided to create a list of the top ten best tailgating vehicles according to Carsforsale.com.  After analyzing the most popular tailgating vehicles on the market, we weighed in on our favorites and compiled this list for your viewing pleasure.

Three primary factors were taken into account when we chose our list.  We focused on the vehicles’ storage, seating, and special features.  Now, let’s jump right in to our results!

1.  Ford Flex

It seems that Ford designed this box-shaped vehicle with tailgaters in mind!  The Flex comes with a built-in refrigerator compartment to keep those tailgate cocktails cold!  With the rear hatch down, the third row of seats can convert to a rear-facing tailgate seat.  With a substantial amount of cargo space, this animal reigns supreme as the best tailgating vehicle in our book.

2.  Dodge Ram 1500

You will definitely not run out of storage capacity with the Dodge Ram.  In addition to cargo space, the large truck bed can serve as seating for your crew.  There is an optional RamBox feature which includes lockable, weatherproof containers located near the back fenders.  The Ram has a fun Uconnect WiFi feature that allows your party to log-in to a private Internet network within 150 feet of the vehicle.  Feel free to bring your WiFi devices and have a ball, as this feature is perfect for fanatics to check and set their fantasy football lineups!

3.  Honda Ridgeline

The Ridgeline has plenty of comfortable seating, like any good tailgating vehicle.  However, this beast gets extra points due to the drainable in-bed trunk.  No need to pack an extra cooler with this handy feature!  This Honda model also has an artfully designed tailgate that swings out and folds down.

4.  Toyota 4Runner

This bad boy has a special feature that is unmatched by most vehicles we looked at.  The feature is called “Party Mode.”  That’s right; it is actually called Party Mode.  Once you have engaged the Party Mode, the sound system will transition its output to the lift-gate speakers.  Blaring music from your transformed 4Runner sound system will be sure to get your tailgate party rocking!

5.  Mitsubishi Outlander

The Outlander is one tough vehicle.  In addition to an above average sound system, this truck features a digital music storage system. The tailgate on this Mitsubishi model is one of the strongest we came across in our studies.

6.  Kia Soul

This sharp ride is very spacious, allowing you to tow all of your tailgating equipment.  This is one of the most affordable options on our list.  The Soul offers the option for an eight-speaker sound system by Infinity, which will surely come in handy.

7.  Subaru Forester

The Forester may be one of the smaller SUVs on our list, but it still offers plenty of cargo space.  One of the handiest tailgate features that this Subaru boasts is a removable cargo tray.  No one enjoys the cleanup process after a successful tailgate party, but the removable cargo tray in the back of this fly ride certainly helps out!

8.  Lincoln MKT

This classy ride touts a convenient feature similar to that of the Ford Flex.  The third row of seats can flip around to face the rear of the vehicle, providing extra tailgating seats!  The MKT also has a wonderful refrigerated compartment to help keep those beverages nice and chilled!

9.  Chevrolet Suburban

This classic Chevy can haul an enormous amount of cargo and passengers.  The Suburban has an available front bench seat, which allows for up to nine of your tailgating buddies to ride together!  In addition to plenty of seating, this monster has an abundance of storage space for chairs, games, the grill, and more.

10. Honda Odyssey

It just wouldn’t feel right to exclude all of the minivan options from our list.  The Honda Odyssey made the cut as our favorite minivan for tailgating.  It might not look like the toughest vehicle in the lot, but don’t let the Odyssey fool you.  With plenty of storage room, this minivan also has two fun features to appease any tailgater.  It includes a widescreen entertainment monitor that is visible with from behind the vehicle with an open hatch.  For cleanup purposes, this family ride includes the HondaVac system.  Your post-party cleaning will go much smoother with this powerful vacuum!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of the Top Ten Tailgating Vehicles!  Feel free to share this list as much as you’d like.  We only ask that you provide a link back to Carsforsale.com when you do so.  We wish the best of luck to all of our fellow tailgating warriors, and their favorite teams.  Stay safe, stay warm, and above all — HAVE FUN!

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