Ranking the Top Car Commercials Based on Carsforsale.com Traffic

If you take away the movie trailers, network ads, and local commercials, there were a total of 51 new ads during the football game on Sunday.  Although that may not seem like many, a total of 14 were from car companies.

Needless to say, the automotive industry had a strong showing during the commercial breaks.  Once again, Carsforsale.com saw a significant increase in traffic as a result of these commercials.  However, with that many companies trying to get your attention, which ones actually made people interested in buying cars?  We decided to look at the increase in site traffic and page views to determine how the ads stacked up against one another.

Final Graph

Overall, we found the information very interesting.  Despite the big budget and star-power that Jaguar had for their commercial, it brought in the smallest increase in traffic.  Hyundai decreased their five commercials from last year down to only two this year.  Chevy aired two commercials, as well as Ford with their “Nearly Double” campaign to highlight their “double-the-fuel” economy in the Ford Fusion.  Terry Cruz and the Muppets helped Toyota take the #1 spot in this year’s ads.

How does this list stack up against what you thought of the ads during the big game?  You can be the judge by viewing the ads below to decide for yourself!

12. Jaguar – “it’s Good to Be Bad”      +10% increase in traffic for Jaguar vehicles

11. Honda – “Hugfest”      +15% increase in traffic for Honda vehicles

10. Kia – “The Truth”      +17% increase in traffic for Kia vehicles

9. Chrysler – “America’s Import”      +21% increase in traffic for Chrysler vehicles


8. Hyundai – “Dad’s Sixth Sense” and “Nice”      +22% increase in traffic for Hyundai vehicles



7. Maserati – “Strike”      +23% increase in traffic for Maserati vehicles


6. Volkswagen – “Wings”      +25% increase in traffic for Volkswagen vehicles


5. Audi – “Doberhuahua”
      +27% increase in traffic for Audi vehicles

4. Ford – “Nearly Double”      +29% increase in traffic for Ford vehicles

3. Chevy – “Romance” and “Life”      +31% increase in traffic for Chevy vehicles



2. Jeep – “Restless”      +32% increase in traffic for Jeep vehicles



1. Toyota – “Big Game Ad”      +33% increase in traffic for Toyota vehicles