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Top 10 Sedans for You Soccer Moms and Dads


While some manufacturers are making the minivan hip and cool like the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey, the sales numbers of minivans continue to fall each year as families are opting for a sedan rather than minivan to haul the whole team around. We decided to develop our list of the Top Ten Sedans for You Soccer Moms and Dads based on trunk space for hauling cargo. Whether you are looking to buy a car for the whole family or the whole team, Carsforsale.com has you covered with these great options.

10. Mercedes-Benz C300

9. Mercedes-Benz C300Price: $38,400
Fuel Economy: 25 City / 34 Hwy
Cargo Room: 12.6 ft

Reason: Although near the top end of price compared to others on our list, the Mercedes-Benz C300 is a sports sedan that offers a high level of comfort and technology features for the whole family such as dual-zone auto climate control and impressive 7in touchscreen display.

9. Cadillac CTS

10. Cadillac CTSPrice: $45,345
Fuel Economy: 20 City / 30 Hwy
Cargo Room: 13.7 ft

Reason: The Cadillac CTS is another addition to our list that is a luxury sedan. While the CTS may be seen as more of an executive car than a family sedan, the 35.4in of rear leg room give plenty of room when you have the whole family driving around. It’s quiet cabin make for enjoyable long rides.

8. Mazda Mazda6

7. Mazda Mazda6Price: $21,190
Fuel Economy: 25 City / 37 Hwy
Cargo Room: 14.8 ft

Reason: The Mazda6 gives you comfort and technology combined with an impressive 2.5L 184 horsepower 4-cylinder engine in an affordably-priced package starting at a base price of just $21,190. Any other questions?

7. Chevrolet Cruze

4. Chevrolet CruzePrice: $16,170
Fuel Economy: 25 City / 36 Hwy
Cargo Room: 15.0 ft

Reason: Chevrolet is the first and only car company to bring built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection to their lineup of vehicles. While this is a compact sedan, the interior offers more than ample room combined with 15.0 ft. of trunk space.

6. Toyota Camry

6. Toyota CamryPrice: $22,970
Fuel Economy: 25 City / 35 Hwy
Cargo Room: 15.4 ft

Reason: There is plenty of reasons why the Toyota Camry is America’s top selling passenger vehicle including Toyota’s advanced safety features and a wide range of trim options to fit anyone’s wants; including a hybrid option.

5. Nissan Altima

2. Nissan AltimaPrice: $22,300
Fuel Economy: 27 City / 38 Hwy
Cargo Room: 15.4 ft

Reason: At 38 highway MPG and a range of over 680 miles on a single tank of gas, the Nissan Altima has one of the highest fuel ratings for any non-hybrid vehicle and also excluding any uber- compact . The purchase price won’t break the bank and you’ll put more money in your pocket each time you fill up in terms of fuel savings.

4. Honda Accord

1. Honda AccordPrice: $22,195
Fuel Economy: 27 City / 36 Hwy
Cargo Room: 15.5 ft

Reason: The Honda Accord comes in either sedan or coupe body class but the sedan is the only true option for a growing family. The Accord hybrid boasts fuel economy of 50 MPG and all trim options include the standard rear view backup camera along with many other safety options.

3. Volkswagen Passat

3. Volkswagen PassatPrice: $21,340
Fuel Economy: 24 City / 35 Hwy
Cargo Room: 15.9 ft

Reason: The Volkswagen Passat is longer and wider than most of our list and also includes over 15 ft. of cargo room. It’s everything you look for in a family sedan with great fuel economy and is affordable at only $21,340 base price.

2. Ford Fusion

5. Ford FusionPrice: $22,010
Fuel Economy: 22 City / 34 Hwy
Cargo Room: 16.0 ft

Reason: As a mother or father, at times your hands aren’t always placed at 10 and 2 but instead are breaking up an argument…or reaching for a lost toy…or cleaning up after a spilled water bottle. The Ford Sync technology gives you handsfree connectivity with smartphone apps to help give you an “extra hand.”

1. Chevrolet Impala

8. Chevrolet ImpalaPrice: $27,060
Fuel Economy: 22 City / 31 Hwy
Cargo Room: 18.8 ft

Reason: With 18.8 ft of truck space, nearly 3 cubic ft. more than the Ford Fusion, the Impala is a great family sedan for those looking for a large trunk. Much like the Cruze, the Chevy Impala also includes built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi to keep the little ones occupied on tablets and online games during road trips.


Dustin "Dusty" Rhodes

A fan of nice round numbers and working on tiny European cars, Dusty is the proud owner of a '58 Lloyd 600, a '50 FIAT 500, and is currently on the hunt for a Vespa 400. And, despite all that repair work, he still finds time to write about cars. 

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    Jill Cummings June 3, 2019

    Aren’t Soccer Moms supposed to drive minivans?


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