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Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Hybrids of 2015

fuel efficient hybrids of 2015

Do you want to make a smaller ecological footprint? Are you sick of frequent visits the gas station? Would you rather spend less on gas each month? Chances are you can answer “yes” to at least one of these questions. If you did, a hybrid car may be for you. Fuel efficient hybrids are becoming increasingly more available and affordable. Here are 10 of the most fuel efficient hybrids from the 2015 model year.

Fuel economy ratings listed below are EPA estimates provided by the U.S. Department of Energy.

1. Toyota Prius: 51 City / 48 Hwy

The Toyota Prius is the most popular hybrid vehicle of all time, and for good reason. Since 2010 it has maintained an EPA estimated 50 mpg combined, making it the most fuel efficient hybrid available today. Toyota’s hybrid hatchback is also praised for high safety ratings and a wide variety of available features.

2015 toyota prius

2. Toyota Prius C: 53 City / 46 Hwy

The Toyota Prius C is a smaller, less expensive version of the Toyota Prius. In fact, it’s the lowest priced hybrid currently available in the US.  This Prius has a fresh, updated style. It’s a great hybrid option for those with a tight budget, and those who prefer a compact vehicle.

2015 toyota prius c

3. Honda Accord Hybrid: 50 City / 45 Hwy

The Honda Accord Hybrid is the sister of the well-known Honda Accord. Although distribution has been low, this is one of the most fuel efficient hybrids available. This vehicle not only has great fuel economy, but it still maintains excellent performance, a pain point for some hybrids.

2015 honda accord hybrid

4. Honda Civic Hybrid: 44 City / 47 Hwy

The Honda Civic Hybrid was the third hybrid car ever sold in the US, behind the Prius and Honda Insight. The Honda Civic Hybrid is the more fuel efficient version of Honda’s smallest sedan. The most notable strengths of this car are excellent safety ratings and surprisingly spacious back seats for a compact car.

2015 honda civic hybrid

5. Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid: 42 City / 48 Hwy

Volkswagen is better known for clean diesel than hybrid vehicles, but the Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid is one of the most efficient hybrids of 2015. This efficient Jetta is surprisingly fun to drive and sporty. It’s a great option if you want efficiency, but don’t want to give up speed and agility.

Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

6. Ford Fusion Hybrid: 44 City / 41 Hwy

The Ford Fusion Hybrid maintains the handsome 2015 Ford Fusion look, but offers dramatically improved efficiency. This car maintains a quiet ride, even at high speeds thanks to Ford’s active noise cancellation technology.

2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid

7. Lexus CT 200h – 43 City / 40 Hwy

The Lexus CT 200h is the only small luxury hatchback hybrid. It’s a fun-to-drive, has an edgy design, and has a lengthy list of features. If you want to be unique while enjoying the amenities of an efficient luxury car, the CT 200h is for you.

2015 Lexus CT 200h

8. Toyota Prius V – 44 City / 40 Hwy

The 3rd member of the Prius family to make this list is the Toyota Prius V. This is the biggest Prius in the lineup, making it a great choice for hauling around the entire family. This fuel efficient hybrid has a spacious, practical design while maintaining excellent fuel economy.

2015 toyota prius v

9. Toyota Camry Hybrid LE – 43 City / 39 Hwy

Toyota makes yet another appearance in this top 10 list with the Toyota Camry Hybrid. This hybrid has great interior features, respectable cargo room, and top-notch safety ratings. If you like the Toyota Camry, you may want to consider the hybrid option.

2015 toyota camry hybrid

10. Lincoln MKZ Hybrid – 41 City / 39 Hwy

Generally, hybrids carry a significant price increase over their gas models. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid costs exactly the same as the base gas-only model. The MKZ is an elegant and attractive package. Even the base trim is well-equipped, coming with features like heated seats, adaptive LED headlights, backup camera, and keyless start.

2015 Lincoln MKZ hybrid

Honorable Mentions

With such a competitive top 10 list, there are a lot of vehicles that just missed the cut. Here are a few more fuel efficient hybrids worth taking a look at.

2015 Ford C-Max HybridFord C-MAX Hybrid – 42 City / 37 Hwy





2015 Lexus ES 200hLexus ES 300h – 40 City / 39 Hwy





2015 Toyota avalon hybridToyota Avalon Hybrid – 40 City / 39 Hwy






This is just the beginning of the fuel efficient vehicles available on Carsforsale.com. With millions to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect set of wheels for you and your family. Want even better fuel economy? Maybe a plug-in hybrid is for you. Check out Hybrid vs. Plug-in Hybrid – Which Should You Buy?

What’s your favorite hybrid on the road today? Let us know in the comments below!

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