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Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Gasoline Cars of 2015

Fuel efficient gasoline cars


You don’t need an electric or a hybrid vehicle to achieve great fuel economy. These fuel efficient gasoline cars are starting to make hybrids jealous. Improved technology and consumer demand for great fuel economy at a low cost are pushing carmakers to create some of the most fuel efficient non-hybrid vehicles we have ever seen. Here are the top 10 most fuel efficient gasoline cars from the 2015 model year.

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10. Dodge Dart Aero – 28 city / 41 hwy

The 2015 Dodge Dart achieves impressive fuel economy numbers in the optional Dart Aero trim. The Dodge Dart Aero replaces some steel components with lighter aluminum components and adds a few other aerodynamic aids. These small changes improve the fuel economy of this sporty compact sedan dramatically.

2015 dodge dart

9. Chevrolet Cruze ECO – 28 city / 42 hwy

The 2015 Chevrolet Cruze has been a strong competitor in the compact car market since 2011. It’s a relatively fuel efficient compact car in its base trim, but the 28 city 42 highway mpg comes from the Chevrolet Cruze ECO model. The Cruze ECO is lighter and has a rear spoiler, active grille panels blocking airflow when it isn’t needed, an underbody air diverter, and a larger front air dam. These features make the Cruze ECO one of the most fuel efficient non-hybrid cars of 2015.

2015 Chevrolet Cruze

©General Motors

8. Mazda MAZDA3 – 30 city / 41 hwy

If you want a car that’s efficient and fun to drive, the 2015 Mazda MAZDA3 is a great choice. The MAZDA3 is often praised for satisfying performance and responsive handling, words not usually associated with fuel efficient cars. This dynamic compact car is available as a classic sedan or roomy hatchback, but fuel economy suffers slightly with the hatchback option.

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2015 Mazda MAZDA3

7. Nissan Versa – 31 city / 40 hwy

Want a new car on a used car budget? The 2015 Nissan Versa is one of the most efficient gas powered cars, and has an MSRP just over $10,000. To achieve 31 city and 40 highway mpg, Nissan offers an optional continuously variable transmission (CVT). Fuel efficient, inexpensive, and simple. That’s the beauty of the Nissan Versa.

2015 Versa Sedan

6. FIAT 500 – 31 city / 40 hwy

If you hate spending money at the pump, but love standing out, check out the 2015 FIAT 500. The 500 achieves great fuel economy thanks to its small stature. Driving the FIAT 500 is like driving an adorable, fuel efficient jelly bean thanks to its unmistakably unique Italian style.

2015 fiat 500

5. Toyota Corolla ECO – 30 city / 42 hwy

The Prius isn’t the only efficient Toyota. The 2015 Toyota Corolla is a fuel-sipping compact car, especially in the ECO trim. This model adds Eco Drive Mode, regulating throttle response, shifting, and accessories to maximize fuel economy. Aside from being one of the most efficient non hybrid cars, the Corolla achieves great safety ratings and has a great set of tech and comfort features for the price.

Toyota Corolla

4. Honda Civic HF – 31 city / 41 hwy

The 2015 Honda Civic HF has been built for fuel efficiency. In the Civic HF, Honda adds an aerodynamic decklid spoiler and unique alloy wheels with low-rolling-resistant tires. The HF also features specially tuned underbody panels to improve efficiency. This trim has great standard features like a backup camera, SMS text message functions, and BlueTooth HansFreeLink. Aside from less time at the pump, the Civic has a reputation for reliability, which could mean less time at the service shop.

2015 honda civic

3. Ford Fiesta SE 1.0L – 31 city / 43 hwy

Looking for a fun and sporty subcompact car? The 2015 Ford Fiesta delivers with exceptional value. For maximum fuel efficiency in a Fiesta, choose the optional SE with 1.0L turbocharged 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine with manual transmission. This little engine is an amazing piece of work from the engineers at Ford. The Ford Fiesta is available with a variety of fun colors as a hatchback or sedan, so you’re sure to find one that fits your style.

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2015 Ford Fiesta

2. Honda Fit LX – 33 city / 41 hwy

Equipped with a continuously variable transmission, the 2015 Honda Fit is the second most fuel efficient gasoline car of the 2015 model year. Only available as a hatchback, the Fit boasts maximum quality at an affordable price point. Its spacious interior and sporty appearance make it a top competitor in the subcompact market.

2015 honda fit

1. Mitsubishi Mirage 37/44

Making hybrids jealous, the most fuel efficient gasoline car of 2015 is the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage. The Mirage achieves these incredible numbers thanks to light weight and optional continuously variable transmission. To achieve this efficiency, the Mirage has a very conservative engine. If you want an inexpensive, efficient vehicle to get you from point A to point B, the Mirage is a practical option.

2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

What’s your favorite vehicle on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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