The Top 5 and Bottom 5 Super Bowl Car Commercials from 2015

After all the red, white and blue confetti fell, the Vince Lombardi trophy raised by Bill Belichick, and the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado gifted to this year’s Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, there is still one question that we are all asking ourselves here at It’s not a question about Pete Carrol’s decision to not pound it into the end zone with it 2nd and Goal with 0:58 on the clock with a timeout to burn. No, we want to know which are the Best and Worst Super Bowl Car Commercials from 2015. To judge the performance, we used real data from to show what cars people were looking for during the game. We took data from the afternoon on game day and compared it to the previous Sunday. The results are fairly spot on with what the buzz has been in terms of what people actually thought on the commercials.



Top 5 Commercials by Searches

2015 Kia Sorento – “The Perfect Getaway” (+17%)

  • This took the spot with similar positioning of last year’s Jaguar commercial as it felt like a big budget film and also included an across-the-pond actor in Pierce Brosnan. It had all the elements that a Big Game commercial needed and it showed by having the highest increase in traffic during the game on


2015 Lexus RC – “Let’s Play” (+16%) 


2015 Lexus NX – “Make Some Noise”

  • Lexus had two different spots during the game and both appealed to a more edgy, youthful crowd. The “Let’s Play” spot introduced the new 2015 Lexus RC with a bang that everyone is still talking about. It’s easy to see why people were interested in buying one after seeing these two commercials.


2015 Nissan GTR Nismo – “#WithDad” (+10%)

  • Some people are expressing their confusion with the seemingly ill-chosen Harry Chapin, ‘Cats in the Cradle’ song during a Nissan commercial that depicts a car crash when the singer himself died in a car crash in 1981. However, this touching commercial titled “With Dad”, definitely pulled on everyone’s heartstrings.


2015 Fiat 500X Commercial – “Blue Pill” (+9%)

  • Few words were spoken during this commercial, but everyone knew what the blue pill was. The Fiat 500X has been completely redesigned and has been turning heads with its more aggressive, sportier feel. While it may have been a little racy and provocative, it made people laugh while demonstrating that 500X is not the Fiat you might remember.


2015 Jeep Renegade – “Beautiful Land” (+8%)

  • This is the commercial that has many American’s angered for taking a song like “This Land is Your Land” that has been closely associated with America, and giving it a more global feel. This approach shouldn’t feel any different than the 2014 Big Game commercial from Coca-Cola where “America the Beautiful” lyrics were sung in many different languages. We liked it and clearly so did potential car buyers who flocked to after seeing it.


Bottom 5 Commercials by Searches

2015 Toyota Camry Commercial – “How Great Am I” (+6%)

  • When you combine two amazing athletes with Muhamad Ali’s voiceover and action from Amy Purdy, 2014 Paralympics bronze medalist, you would think the recipe would bring an amazing commercial. The numbers put the Toyota Camry commercial just out of the Top 5 but it was still very inspiring, although it didn’t inspire many to seek out buying a new Camry.


2015 Dodge Challenger – “Wisdom” (+5%)

  • The idea behind this commercial spot was good as it showed Dodge’s longevity in the automotive industry with the aid of a few wise people who were born around the time Dodge was in 1914. The social media realm sparked up with fear of these 100+ year olds behind the wheel still. This same fear may have also frightened car buyers away from Dodge.


2015 BWM i3 – “Newfangled Idea” (+3%)

  • This BMW i3 commercial was a good depiction of how it will likely take a while for the electric engine to catch on, much like the internet took some getting used to nearly 21 years ago. While it may take a few years for the idea of all electric vehicles to grow in popularity, the concept isn’t new to consumers with other options on the market from Tesla. Four years ago this commercial would have been ahead of it’s time, much like the internet was in 1994.


2015 Mercedes Benz AMG GT S – “Fable” (-2%) 

  • There was a lot of hype and fanfare around this commercial with a complete campaign leading up to the commercial spot where the tortoise takes on the hare to find out who in fact would win. The result was the same we’ve seen in the fairytale, only this time the tortoise won with the help on a new Mercedes-Benz. It was a cute commercial but it missed it’s mark in terms of searches and didn’t quite live up to the hype.


2015 Chevrolet Colorado – “Disruption” (-7%)

  • Many American’s call Sunday’s Big Game the Brand Bowl where many advertisers are shelling out millions and millions of marketing dollars to be the most memorable ad. During this “Brand Bowl”, many marketers converge in large groups to either grade these commercials or looks for ways to capitalize on a popular event like the Super Bowl through a witty social media push during the game. All around the country, even the best advertisers and marketing professionals were fooled by this clever commercial. Even us at threw our hands in the air in confusion when we thought we lost our cable feed. It would appear viewers of this commercial not only lost their cable, but their internet feed as the view to Chevy vehicles dramatically fell during the Super Bowl.