The Olympic Games: All Around

From Safety to Performance to Styling, has put these vehicles to the test.  After some lengthy discussions and some hardcore competition, we are proud to present the winners of the All Around medals in the Olympic Games.

Mid-size Cars

All-Around Winners

Gold-MedalGold: Honda Accord

Missing the boat on style didn’t hold us back from busting out the gold for the Honda Accord.  Sensible, spacious and economical, the Accord has a great resale value.  Other bonus points for us include the Honda Sensing and Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission.  As one of the most popular family sedans, the Accord has one of the most loyal followings in the industry.

Silver-MedalSilver: Ford Fusion

A balanced choice for any family-sedan shopper, the Ford Fusion worked it on Performance and Style.  Affordable and practical, this dynamic ride is edgy and has great drivability. With some fun model upgrades and visual changes, great things are in store for 2017.

Bronze-MedalBronze: Chevrolet Malibu

Pretty much all new in 2016, we were impressed by the Malibu’s safety and style. Lacking in the performance category, these wheels are still quite responsive.  The MSRP lands on the lower end of the mid-size sedan segment for the base model.  With refreshed style, great technologies, and upped safety features, the Malibu solidifies its placement on the medal stand.

Hyundai Sonata – A great competitor, the Sonata just missed an All Round medal.
Nissan Altima – No All Round medal for the Altima, it does, however, go home with the silver medal for performance.
Toyota Camry – Going home empty handed doesn’t mean the Camry missed the mark. Affordable, young and evolving the Camry will see some fun tech changes in 2017.

Half-ton Trucks

All-Around Winners: Trucks

Gold-MedalGold: Ford F-150

Greater payload and improved fuel economy are huge developments for the Ford brand.  Built for practicality, the F-150 still offers a modern look and feel.  One of the only vehicles on our list to place in all 3 of the previous rounds, the Ford F-150 takes its place at the top.

Silver-MedalSilver: Ram 1500

Another set of hardworking wheels, the Ram 1500 has the most rugged style of the Truck category. A dynamic driving machine, the 1500 offers one of the most comfortable rides out there.  With more lineup additions in the 2016 model year, we love the variety of options and styles that Ram offers.

Bronze-MedalBronze: GMC Sierra

One word. Attractive. The Sierra has a simple, yet beefy look.  GMC is upping its game quickly when it comes to the Sierra, and we are excited to see the technologies and styles evolve.

Chevrolet Silverado 
– Great performance in the Safety and Performance categories, its cousin the GMC Sierra took its spot for a medal.
Toyota Tundra – Rugged, dependable and a strong resale value, the Tundra struggles to find its place in the medals.  

Mid-size SUVs


Gold-MedalGold: Honda Pilot

A 2016 upgrade and refresh took the Pilot to the next level. The only one of our Mid-size SUV’s that medaled in all three of our previous rounds, the Pilot has a sharp style, new engine and transmission options, and some great safety technologies.

Silver-MedalSilver: Kia Sorento

Parents rejoice! Safety features abound in the 2016 Sorento.  This paired with the beautiful redesign this Kia is quite the competitor. 

Bronze-MedalBronze: Jeep Grand Cherokee

The gold medalist in the Performance round the Grand Cherokee sneaks into the top three for SUV medals. Due to its impressive off-road features, the Jeep offers a family ‘truckster’ and trailer hauler in one.  We are excited to see where this Model evolves in the coming years.

Ford Explorer 
– Beautiful inside with a competitive performance, the Explorer just misses the cut.
Dodge Durango – Strong and responsive, the Durango did well in our Performance category.
Toyota Highlander   The safety medal offered to the Highlander was its only placement in the Olympic games.
Chevrolet Traverse – Comfortable with a good driving dynamic the Traverse will continue to roll as a family hauler and less of a beefy sport utility.

Congrats to the winners and qualifiers of the 2016 Olympics.

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