The 1000HP Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli is Insane – This Week in Automotive News

The 1000hp Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli is Insane

It’s Italian, but it’s not a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. The Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli is the fastest street-legal car ever produced in Italy, according to the creators. Powered by a twin-turbo 7.2L V8 engine, the Evantra Millecavalli produces around 1000 hp. That makes sense, as “mille cavalli” means 1000 horses. This car can drive from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds.

Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli

Mazzanti, a boutique carmaker, designed this car with an aggressive, unique look. We can definitely see Batman driving this when he’s off-duty. Below is video #10 of 10 in a series of teaser clips from the company. The official Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli will unveil next week.

2017 Genesis G80 Sport Bows in Korea

In November of 2015, Hyundai announced a new line of luxury vehicles under the make, Genesis. The 2017 Genesis G80 is the 2nd Genesis vehicle unveiled thus far. This week in Korea, the G80 Sport was unveiled, powered by a twin-turbo 3.3L V6. The Sport variant features a few noticeable design changes, giving the G80 Sport a visual edge over the standard G80. We don’t know yet if the G80 Sport from Korea will be available in the US market.

The non-Sport editions of this RWD luxury car will be powered by either a 3.8L V6 or a 5.0L V8 engine. We can’t wait to see how the 2017 G80 matches up to other luxury sedans in the market.

2017 Genesis G80 Sport

Paris Bans Old Cars

If you’re a classic car lover, avoid Paris. Paris officials have placed a ban on cars registered before 1997. Starting July 1st, these older vehicle cannot enter the city center during the week. Cars will be divided into various categories based on their age and emissions. These old cars will receive windshield stickers for easy identification.

There is no exception for cars deemed “classic” or “historical.” Paris officials are expected tighten these standards every year in an attempt to reduce smog and traffic. Violators will face fines as high as $39.

Paris bans old cars