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A Tale of Two Fords – The Ford Fusion vs Ford Focus


The Ford Motor Company has been the frontrunner in automotive technology since the early days of the Henry Ford assembly line. Today, Ford makes a wide variety of vehicles including the Taurus, Fiesta, and Mustang for cars; Escape, Edge, Flex, Explorer and Expedition for crossovers and SUVs; and F-Series, Transit, Transit Connect and Super Duty for their line of trucks and vans. A constant throughout the entire Ford line is their dedication to developing safe, affordable vehicles. The Focus and Fusion are Ford’s top selling vehicles in their respective class. Find out our insights when we compared the two in today’s Carsforslae.com Vehicle Matchup.

Ford Focus

Engine: 2.0L
Horsepower: 160
Fuel Economy: 26 City / 36 Hwy
MSRP: Starting at $17,170

Inside the 2015 Ford Focus:

The 2015 Ford Focus has received a few updates and gives buyers some additional options from last year which was one of the best-selling vehicles in America. Upon first glance, you’ll notice the Focus is smiling back at you a little differently, as the hexagon front grill is new this year. Available in both sedan and hatchback variations, the base package includes a 2.0L, 160 horsepower engine. Also new to 2015 is a three cylinder 1.0L turbo engine, previously seen in the Fiesta, to only increase the already impressive fuel economy. Interested buyers of this fuel efficient ‘three banger’ will have to be well versed with stick shift, as that is the only option for this drivetrain. But, in any case, that’s how a turbo engine should be; for optimum enjoyment. Also available is a 143 horsepower, all electric Ford Focus with a range of 76 miles per charge. Although not really a road trip warrior, the Ford Focus Electric does have a higher than average range and would be a great daily commuter vehicle.

The Focus now comes standard with Ford’s SYNC technology that attempts to keep driver’s eyes on the road through voice commands that integrate with your smart phone. A rear backup camera is also standard on all models. There are not many negative marks to report about on the 2015 Ford Focus outside the amount of rear leg room. With upgrades to interior, exterior, a new drivetrain option, increased safety features and a more enhanced infotainment center, the 2015 Focus is overall very impressive.

Ford Fusion

Engine: 2.5L
Horsepower: 175
Fuel Economy: 22 City / 34 Hwy
MSRP: Starting at $22,010

Inside the 2015 Ford Fusion:

The 2015 Ford Fusion remains relatively unchanged from the previous year. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the previous model topped the sales chart within its vehicle class. Buyers will have many options to choose from in terms of engine and drivetrain. The entry level Ford Fusion includes a 2.5L, 175 horse engine with a six-speed automatic transmission. Also available is a 1.5L turbo or a 2.0L turbo with 181 and 240 horsepower respectively between the two. In 2014, the 1.6L turbo engine was phased out along with the option of the manual transmission. Fusions are no longer available in anything other than an automatic transmission. Sad panda. However, we are greatly impressed with the Ford Fusion Plug-In Hybrid. The 95 City / 81 Hwy MPGe (miles per gallon equivalency) is definitely worth an in-depth look as the range of this vehicle is 550 miles. However, running on all-electric mode, the Fusion Energy is only capable of running at up to 85 MPH for a range of 19 miles.

Ford continues to produce some of the safest vehicles on the road and the Fusion is one of their shining stars. In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety both gave the Fusion their top safety rating. New for 2015, the Fusion now comes standard with a rear backup camera on all models, including the base package. A safety feature worth investigating in the Fusion is the inflatable second-row safety belts. These inflate immediately to protect rear passengers in the event of an accident.

Our Pick for Winner:

Base Model: Ford Fusion

While the Focus is an impressive vehicle, the safety rating of the Fusion is still on our mind when choosing the winner for the base model package. While the MSRP in the Fusion is significantly higher and the EPA fuel rating is slightly lower, the Fusion is a more of a well-rounded family vehicle.

Upgrades: Ford Focus

We are excited about the new engine option in the Ford Focus with the 1.0L turbo. While specifics of this vehicle are still unknown in terms of fuel economy, torque and other information, we expect the numbers from the Fiesta with the same technology to carry over. Did we mention that it’s a stick-shift-only option? Yep, we love our manual vehicles.

Overall Winner:

Ford Fusion

The Fusion is our clear-cut winner for the overall best vehicle between these two quality Ford options. It’s not technically fair that we ding the Focus for lack of rear leg room since it’s considered more of a compact car. However, the Fusion is a mid-sized sedan with a ton of trim options to choose from and an impressive amount of safety features. The driving experience of the big-body Fusion is also much smoother and handles significantly better than the Focus. It has our vote.

Ford Fusion

Dustin "Dusty" Rhodes

A fan of nice round numbers and working on tiny European cars, Dusty is the proud owner of a '58 Lloyd 600, a '50 FIAT 500, and is currently on the hunt for a Vespa 400. And, despite all that repair work, he still finds time to write about cars. 

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  1. Avatar
    Kelly Tannehill June 13, 2016

    The range on the Focus Electric is incorrectly stated. It does NOT get 110 miles per charge but rather is rated at 76 miles on a full charge. I think the author confused the 110 MPGe “fuel” efficiency rating with the actual range in miles.

    1. Avatar
      Grant Lockner June 14, 2016

      Good catch, Kelly. Thanks for the heads up. We got it fixed.

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