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Top 11 Songs About Cars


Here are a few of the best songs about cars to add to your next road trip playlist.

Car culture doesn’t stop with the cars themselves. Throughout history, cars have been personified by movies, music, and more. People’s love for cars has spilled over into some of the best songs ever made and we’re bringing you all the best ones to add to your road trip playlists.

1. Mustang Sally, Wilson Pickett

One of the original car songs out there is Mustang Sally. It began a trend of rockabilly, metaphorical songs that personified human characteristics as cars. For a get-up and go song, Mustang Sally is the ultimate car song that takes you back to better days.

2. Fun, Fun, Fun, The Beach Boys

Pack up the surfboard and head for the beach. The Beach Boys’ Fun, Fun, Fun is a song that we will never forget. The girl in the song takes her dad’s Thunderbird out to the hamburger stand and has a bunch of fun during her joy ride until her daddy took the car away. Thankfully, The Beach Boys are there to take her where she needs to go to have a good time. It sure is Fun, Fun, Fun!

3. Little Red Corvette, Prince

One of Prince’s most renowned songs is Little Red Corvette. Though not entirely about the Corvette, this song gives you all the nostalgia you need to get behind the wheel and dance it out.

4. In My Car (I’m the Driver), Shania Twain

A less-known Shania Twain is In My Car. This song was never released to radio, but it made a statement all the same. She’s always the driver and that’s all you need to know.

5. Pink Cadillac, Bruce Springsteen

Though Bruce Springsteen wrote this song, you may be more familiar with the song Pink Cadillac from Natalie Cole’s rendition. This song went from rockabilly to R&B was featured in the Top Singles in 1988 thanks to Cole.

6. From a Buick 6, Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s From a Buick 6 is an ode to Stephen King’s novel From a Buick 8. Though the song itself has almost nothing to do with cars, it still sounds good while cruising down a long stretch of highway. No need to get the road trip blues when you can get it From a Buick 6.

7. Fast Car, Tracy Chapman

All Tracy Chapman wants is a fast car to take her anywhere. Her key to a better life is to hop in a car and start over but finds out even with a fast car it’s just more of the same. This song is perfect for riding around at sunset or long road trips taking you to new places.

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8. On the Road Again, Willie Nelson

Road life is the best life, am I right? Released in 1998, Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again has you itchin’ for a road trip every time you hear it. It’s a song that gets stuck in your head for miles and miles that you can’t help but turn on again as you make your way to your next destination.

9. Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car, Billy Ocean

Another classic that takes Billy Ocean through the car wash where he meets an attractive woman he wants to take for a ride in his car. This song is the perfect jam when you’re washing your car out in the driveway or trying to get jazzed up for a night out.

10. Camaro, Kings of Leon

For a little modern music, try Kings of Leon’s Camaro. The song is about a cool girl driving a Camaro and it has all true to Kings of Leon sound. Like most Kings of Leon songs, you may not fully hear the word Camaro in the lyrics, but it’s there. We promise.

11. In the Curve, The Avett Brothers

A little folk-rock for the road, shall we? In the Curve by The Avett Brothers is about driving fast and getting in a crash. They mention a ‘63 Ford Galaxie in a rendition of the song played live and if you haven’t seen one, you should. In the Curve isn’t exactly the best example of how to drive, but it sure makes for a good song.

Hit the Road, Jack

With 11 songs to add to your next road trip playlist, there’s nothing left to do other than turn up your speakers and hit the road, Jack!

What is your favorite song about cars? Let us know in the comments below!

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