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Review: 2021 Ford Edge


New for 2021, the Ford Edge mid-sized SUV gets its most impressive interior ever, new wheel, and interior options as well as a 335hp Ecoboost V6 engine.

Progress For The Sake Of Progress

2021 Ford Edge ST - media.ford.com

2021 Ford Edge ST – media.ford.com |  Shop new Ford Edge on Carsforsale.com

When the Tesla Model S arrived in 2012, it became instantly obvious that large touchscreens would be the future of infotainment in automobiles. Now, nearly a decade later the Ford Edge has been pulled into modernity with the addition of a similar proportioned 12-inch touchscreen. That theme of almost begrudging improvement is rife throughout the 2021 Ford Edge.

By no means is the Edge a bad SUV. In fact, for some, it might prove to be the perfect mid-sized people and things carrier. While the Edge for 2021 feels like it’s simply weathering the storm until an all-new version arrives, it also takes everything we’ve liked about the Edge and improves on it, but will that be enough to keep sales up? Let’s dive into the good and bad of this unsinkable SUV.

2021 Ford Edge Specs

2021 Ford Edge Titanium - media.ford.com
2021 Ford Edge Titanium - media.ford.com

In 2021, Ford will have 7 different SUVs available to their customers, but that hasn’t stopped the Edge from providing those same buyers with a plethora of options within its underpinnings. The Edge comes with anywhere from 250hp all the way up to 335hp for those with a heavy foot. Storage inside is ahead of most in its class at 39 cubic feet, and that’s before you lower the rear seats.

Those rear seats by the way are the only ones you get, as the Edge is noticeably devoid of a third-row. That’s an interesting and intentional choice by the Ford team that balks at other competitors like the Volkswagen Atlas. What does impress us is that, despite the fairly large footprint of the Edge, 4-cylinder models still get a combined 29 mpg while the potent V6 mills manage 26 mpg. That’s more than enough to look great compared to some of the others in this segment.

2020 Ford Edge 2.7L V6 - carsforsale.com
2020 Ford Edge 2.7L V6 - carsforsale.com

All Edge models can be optioned with Ford’s Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive system and the higher-tiered models come with it as standard. In truth, this system is one of the new features of the Edge and internally is called the All-Wheel-Drive Disconnect. It is capable of fully de-coupling the rear axles for the full front-wheel-drive fuel savings that such a powertrain offers, but more on that later.

Driving – There’s Only One Surprising Trim Level

2021 Ford Edge ST - media.ford.com
2021 Ford Edge ST - media.ford.com

If you’ve driven a Ford Edge in the last few years, then this latest version won’t feel much different. That’s not bad though, as the Edge has confidence-inspiring handling characteristics that aren’t surprising or jarring by any means. Steering does feel a bit numb, but we can’t name a brand new SUV that you can get for $31,000 that doesn’t have some Novocain in its steering column. The 8-speed transmission that’s in all models is the catalyst for such good MPG ratings. The transmission also responds reasonably well when you tell it which gear you’d like it to be in; should you be the sort who’s into that kind of thing.

There is one big game-changer though. The ST trim level changes things if you opt for the big brake package and the sport suspension. While the Edge will never be a potent Porsche Macan killer, it’s considerably more sporty with all the performance upgrades available. 335hp and 380 lb-ft of torque is a sort of cure-all for most issues. Still, this will surely be the least sought after trim level available.

Comfort and Interior – The Best Edge Interior Ever

The real standout for all Edge models is that huge 12-inch screen that basically controls almost everything you want to control inside the car. In 2021, the Edge will get the most up to date version of Ford’s interior software dubbed Sync4. These two features are exceptional together. Wireless pairing with Android Auto or Apple Car Play is a breeze. Overall it’s amazing that’s it’s taken Ford this long to put a screen like this in the Edge, but at least it’s here now. This new infotainment system is snappy and responsive without any reasons to gripe. Plus, it’s even bigger than the one available in the current Explorer, for now at least.

Budget Buy $10,000: Fiesta vs Golf

The interior is treated to new grey tones for the first time in the 2021 and the SEL model can be had with cloth seats should that strike your fancy. As a place to be, the Edge has never been bad. In addition, since no compromise had been made to accommodate a third row, the rear seats offer a bit more practicality and passenger space. So much so, that direct competitors can’t even come close. As a rather tall person, I appreciate that extra passenger room more than others might, and I think that helps bring the purpose of the Edge into clearer focus. A bit more on that in our conclusion.

Ford Edge Trims and Features

2021 Ford Edge Titanium - media.ford.com
2021 Ford Edge Titanium - media.ford.com

There will be 5 trim levels for 2021, just as there were for 2020. They include SE, starting at just $31k, then the SEL, Titanium, ST-Line, and finally the performance-focused ST, which will likely start at $44k. While AWD is available on all models it’s important to understand that this isn’t the same as 4WD. This system actually pushes up to 100% of the power to the front axle until slip is detected or likely and that’s kind of a downfall for the top-of-the-line 335hp Edge ST. For $44k buyers could easily snatch up something like the Porsche Macan mentioned above with under 20k miles and considerably more performance pedigree. Other models will get the well-regarded 2.5 Ecoboost 4-cylinder with 250hp.

Really though, most SUV buyers want something reliable and familiar for their next purchase. The 2021 Ford Edge manages to accomplish both of those tasks easily. The SEL model gets improved trim inside and more wheel options, while the Titanium variant gets the most luxurious interior options available as well as the ability to fit 21-inch wheels to the mid-sized SUV. Every Edge, regardless of trim level, will get Wifi-Hotspot capability and the option for in-dash nav. Opting for the fog lights should be on anyone’s list, as they automatically make the Edge look more expensive and integrate with the headlights beautifully with both featuring their own daytime running lights.

Conclusions – The Sharpest Edge Yet, But For How Long?

2021 Ford Edge Titanium - media.ford.com

2021 Ford Edge Titanium – media.ford.com |  Shop new Ford Edge on Carsforsale.com

All reasonably made blades start out sharp, but it’s the quality offerings that can last the test of time without dulling. To that end, this Edge is clearly the best that’s ever been available. While it’s no performance champion or wildly inexpensive eco-SUV, it offers a very specific set of variables for those who look for them.

The 2021 Ford Edge is perfect for anyone who wants a vehicle that’s made for transporting other grown adults on the regular. No matter which trim level you pick, it’ll be a comfortable and capable ride. It provides confidence and reliability without surprises. In addition, the new 12-inch infotainment screen will make this the best Edge, in terms of depreciation, for years to come.

ST models have struggled to sell well and we expect the same of the 2021 year model. So if you love all that the Edge has to offer and want the fastest of the bunch, then be on the lookout for a good deal on an ST trim, because they’re out there. As of this writing, many new 2020 ST models could be had well below their suggested $44k price tag. But when considering any of the other available trims, the latest 2021 Ford Edge is the way to go.

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