Recap of Round Two Voting in the Bracket Showdown

We are now down to only 16 vehicles in the 2014 ‘Battle of the Best’ Bracket Showdown. Official voting in Round Three in now underway and will remain open until Wednesday, March 26th at 11:59 PM CST. As the contest continues, the time period to vote gets smaller so don’t waste time and get your votes in quickly.

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting head-to-head matchups from the previous round. The field of 32 vehicles has now been knocked down to only the 16 left in the regional semifinals. Here we will look at the 16 vehicles who didn’t quite fight hard enough to pull off the “W.”



The #5 Porsche 911 versus the #4 Dodge Viper was likely one of the most exciting pairings from Round Two. The Dodge Viper narrowly escaped defeat and advanced by only 2% of the votes. A Viper and Porsche 911 have two of the highest manufacturer’s suggested retail price for stock options. These two luxury sports cars differ in price by almost $15,000. However the higher priced Dodge Viper advanced to the next round. A small online campaign was launched as the #9 Toyota Prius faced the #1 Ford Mustang. Prius fans used hashtags like #SaveThePrius and #SavingsVsSporty to rally votes. There was also an announcement on a fan page called “I hate the Toyota Prius”.  However, the Ford Mustang easily beat the Prius by collecting over two-thirds of the votes.

Trucks / Vans

Once again the Toyota Tundra plowed through the competition as the underdog at the #11 seed and eliminated the #3 Toyota Tacoma. Vans are no longer represented in the Bracket Showdown, as the #7 Honda Odyssey was eliminated, as it fell to the #2 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.


So far the voting in the Bracket Showdown has mirrored site view analytics on for Coupes and there have been no upsets yet. Will this remain the case as we are now down to only four vehicles? Whether you use a mouse or handheld mobile device, you hold the power and destiny of each vehicle in the palm of your hand. Use that power and vote in Round Three.

SUV / Crossover

This region continues to see some of the closest matchups with many winning by only a few percentage points. There doesn’t seem to be much brand loyalty in the SUV/Crossover category. This could be caused by the fact that many of these vehicles haven’t been in production for longer periods of time like some of the Coupes and Sedans have been. The #13 Jeep Grand Cherokee emerged as a possible “Cinderella Story” from Round One, but was knocked off by the #5 Cadillac Escalade. Despite the #6 Buick Enclave leading the #3 Ford Fusion, the Fusion was able to come back late to advance to the field of only 16.


Round Three Matchups 

The regional semifinals are currently underway and the vehicle pairings for this round are even more exciting as the playing field has once again been cut in half. It is difficult to point out which matchups are on the top of our radar because quite frankly, all of them excite us! Although the #2 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is an amazing truck, it is hard not to love the underdog story and cheer for #11 Toyota Tundra. All of the #1 and #2 seeded vehicles remain. It will be interesting to see which ones fall before heading into the regional finals. I think it is safe to say that we may finally see a #1 seed fall in this round. It may just be the #1 Chevrolet Silverado in that highly contested SUV/Crossover region.


Round Two Prize Pack Winners

The winners from Round Two have been selected and those receiving prize packs are: Michael P., Jessi L., Lori B., Tera K., and Van O. Winners from each round will be notified via email with instructions on how to receive their prize.