Recap of Round One of the Bracket Showdown

Voting is currently underway in Round Two of the Bracket Showdown. The original field of 64 vehicles has been cut in half, as only 32 remain. Many of the vehicles that advanced from Round One did so by a narrow margin.

Entire Bracket R2

Here is a recap of some of the previous matchups from Round One.


In this entire region, the higher seeded vehicle advanced. The #2 Toyota Camry and Dodge Charger won by the biggest margin, each receiving 67% of the votes. The Mitsubishi Lancer beat out the Buick Verano by only 33 votes.


As for Coupes, the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro received the most votes with 79% and 80% respectively. In what appeared to be the most exciting match-up in the round, the Porsche 911 collected 52% of the votes over the Chevrolet Corvette to sneak into Round Two.


This SUV/Crossover portion of the bracket is completely wide open. Voting could have gone either way in many of the Round One pairings. The #13 Jeep Grand Cherokee emerged as the underdog to beat out the Chevrolet Tahoe. The #1 seeded Chevrolet Suburban received the least votes of the top seeded in each region as the #14 toppled the Nissan Rogue with 54% of the votes.


Voting in the Trucks/Vans region saw some of the biggest margins of victory in Round One. The #4 Ram 1500 won by the narrowest margin and still received 59% of the votes. The Honda Odyssey is holding out as the only van to advance to Round Two of voting.

Remember to vote in this round, and the remaining four rounds, to increase your odds of winning the Grand Prize. Five prize packs will once again be given away to those who enter Round Two.



Round Two Matchups

Round Two is already promising to be much more exciting than the last, as vehicles are now more evenly matched. Despite the first round having only four upsets, don’t expect that to be the case in Round Two. Some key match-ups to watch are the Porsche 911 who will have another tough challenge when it faces the Dodge Viper in the Coupes region. It’s a battle of Toyota vehicles as the Tundra and Tacoma square off in the Truck/Van vehicle class.