Read Your Vehicle Horoscope for August



We sometimes enjoy cars a little too much at We are constantly thinking about fun ways we can relate vehicles to previously non-related things. This is how we developed The Vehicle Horoscope. Choosing the right vehicle can be difficult for many Americans, who have to consider and weight many options before buying. Some people look to the stars, or their horoscope, to help guide them. We’ve combined the two and now your horoscope will give you that guidance as to what your next car should be.


Virgo:  (August 23 – September 23)
Virgo 2    Virgo 1This is your special time of year which means you will soon become another year older. As a Virgo, you are wise beyond your years so birthdays don’t really mean too much to you. When it comes to the car buying experience, you like to do the research and read everything you can before test driving a vehicle. This is an informed decision for you. We recommend looking at the Mazda Mazda3 as an early birthday gift to yourself.

Virgo 3A Virgo is very timid by nature and buying an expensive, premium vehicle isn’t something you feel comfortable doing. You should approach life with the “go big or go home” mentality which is why a Porsche 911 is perfect for you. This month it was Motorcycle Week at and if you have the urge for some thrills in your life, buy a Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.


Libra:  (September 23 – October 22)
Libra   Social interactions and personal experiences with people are important to you as a Libra. You do not like to do things alone and think bringing a partner is much more enjoyable. You should always bring someone with you when buying your next car; preferably at least a mid-sized vehicle that comfortably seat more passengers. Air is a closely associated element to you as a Libra, which is why front and side air bags are an important feature. Look into the purchase of a Honda Civic, as every year this vehicle performs well in crash tests.


Scorpio:  (October 23 – November 21)
Scorpio     As a Scorpio, you are a very serious person by nature and there is little room for any grey area. Some may find your seriousness a little offensive. You need a fun vehicle to let people know that you are a fun person and can let loose at times. You deserve a vehicle that will take command of the road. Consider a Chevy Silverado 1500 when choosing to buy your next vehicle. Voice controls in a vehicle are a feature to consider as you are the type of person who likes see action when you speak.


Sagittarius:  (November 22 – December 21)
Sagittarius    A Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur, which is half man / half beast. When you look for your next vehicle, look to continue this representation of half man and half animal. Consider the Ford Expedition as it has a great towing capacity of over 9,000 pounds, yet not as large in size as a full sized truck. You don’t like to feel pressured or stressed, so look for an older model vehicle to reduce the monthly payments and ease the stress a little of having a large monthly payment. By buying a like-new vehicle, you will save yourself enough month to get that speaker system upgrade you want.


Capricorn:  (December 22 – January 19)
Capricorn         Determined, organized and realistic are all words to describe you as a Capricorn. The goat is your symbol, which makes the Ram 1500 a likely good vehicle option for you. You want a vehicle to work as hard as you do and with a 5 year/100,000 mile powertrain limited warranty, you will get that from a Ram. As we stated earlier, you are a very organized person. You like things neat and in their place which is why things like enough cup holders with a large center console and glove compartment are important to you in when looking for a new car.


Aquarius:  (January 20 – February 18)
Aquarius         Everything in the world would be a much better place if everyone could just get along; right? As an Aquarius, you do not like to argue and dispute things with people. You are also seen as progressive and a forward thinker. This is why your vehicle to consider this month is the Tesla Model S and you likely will not debate us on that. The Aquarius is known for being a bit of a “flower child,” which makes the all-electric Tesla a perfect fit.  Ultimately, fuel efficiency is likely an important factor for you when choosing a vehicle as you are the type of person who enjoys long scenic trips in the car.


Pisces:  (February 19 – March 20)
Pisces      Overall, you are a very happy and content person. You are represented by the fish and you do your best to just keep swimming and not let things bother you too much. You have wanted to replace your old car or add a second vehicle for quite some time now. Sometimes you need to break free from doing what you normally do and go wild. Your vehicle this month is the Nissan Murano. Value in a vehicle is very important to a Pisces, and a Murano is a premium crossover and lists at an affordable price.


Aries:  (March 21 – April 19)
Aries      The Aries is actually the first sign of the zodiac. As the “leader of the pack,” you always want to be the first to get your hands on the newest and best vehicle on the road in your pursuit to always be #1. We suggest looking at the Toyota Camry this month. Sure you could get a truck or SUV like we suggested in last month’s vehicle horoscope, but the Camry is the top-selling mid-sized sedan in America. The new 2015 model has been completely redesigned; and you like new things. Aries are typically very hard workers and therefore this requires you to always we connected to your phone. Try looking for a vehicle with a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.


Taurus:  (April 20 – May 20)
Taurus      Taurus’ have gotten the reputation for being stubborn. You likely don’t agree with that statement because they also tend to be disagreeable. You are also are a kind and loving person who also takes very good care of your vehicle. A luxury vehicle is the only option for you when buying a new vehicle and you look for fun features like crash avoidance technology. Start looking at a Jaguar F-Type, as it is your vehicle this month. It’s hard to disagree with a fine automobile like that.



Gemini:  (May 21 – June 20)
Gemini     Gemini tend to make decisions after reading and discovering as much information as possible prior to purchase. The intellectual person you are, you’ll want to consider a vehicle that is regal and fit for a king/queen. In fact, that’s perfect! The Buick Regal is your vehicle for this month. If that isn’t quite your dream car, look for any vehicle with heated bucket seat. You will certainly feel like a king with heated bucket seats, especially with winter right around the corner.



Cancer:  (June 21 – July 22) 
CancerCrabs, which represent the Cancer, like to hide in their shell. You need to be more daring and try something you normally would not do. Why not upgrade to a new vehicle by trading in and trading up? allows you to list and sell your vehicle for free or you can find a dealer near you and trade it in. We challenge you to try something completely outside of your norm. If you drive an automatic; try a manual; or vice versa. Consider taking a Volkswagen Golf for a test drive. If you are not used to a manual transmission, driving will be as fun as it was when you first learned how to drive as a teenager.



Leo:  (July 23 – August 22)
LeoHappy Belated Birthday! You had your special day last month. As a performer you look at everything as a stage. Don’t wait another year until your birthday to celebrate life because every day is a party with you. This is why the Ford Fiesta is your vehicle to consider this month. Since your life is such a party, vehicles with built-in Bluetooth capabilities are important so you can call all of your friends over without taking your hands away from the wheel.