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Meet the New Volkswagen ID Models


Volkswagen continues their journey back to good graces with their innovative new line, I.D. See what to expect from VW as they make their way into the electric world.

Volkswagen, working to put Diesel Gate behind them, has developed a new fully-electric line that has been making jaws drop all over the world since its debut. As we move closer to 2020, Volkswagen continues to push out new concepts that are meant to join the lineup. So, we’ve decided to give you all the details on what’s in store for Volkswagen as they move towards total electrification.


Volkswagen ID.3
Volkswagen ID.3 on netcarshow.com

Introduced as a prototype back in 2016, the ID.3 model is the first of its generation. By 2019, the ID.3 was no longer just a concept but will be one of the first I.D. models to hit production in 2020. Starting at roughly $33,000, the ID.3 will have an expected driving range of 200-340 miles on one charge. Some say it has Golf-like features, but VW says to expect a roomier cabin due to the battery placement. The ID.3 is just the start of VW’s electrified concepts, but it will be one of the cheapest electric vehicles on the streets starting mid-2020 to early 2021.


Volkswagen-ID Crozz
Volkswagen-ID Crozz on netcarshow.com

Another concept making its way to production in 2020 is the Crozz. This CUV, crossover utility vehicle for those who don’t know, was debuted in 2017 at the Shanghai Auto Show and will be built on the new MEB electric platform. Separate motors will power the front and rear wheels, making it capable of four-wheel drive. Inside, you’ll find an AR heads-up display, a tablet for entertainment and information about the vehicle, and self-driving capabilities. The anticipated range for the Crozz is roughly 370 miles on one charge, which is more than the sedan style ID.3. With mileage like that, it will bump quite a few other crossover contenders out if Volkswagen can make it happen.


Volkswagen-ID Vizzion
Volkswagen-ID Vizzion on netcarshow.com

Volkswagen claims that the Vizzion will be your “digital chauffeur.” Completely hands-free and designed for viewing the world around you, the Vizzion is autonomous and allows passengers to communicate via voice and gesture control. The coolest feature is that the car will know its occupants and automatically adjust the climate, seating, and more to their specifications. The inside will have all the fittings of a normal sedan, but there isn’t much else out there about what’s to come of the Vizzion until Level-5 Autonomous Driving is legal.

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Volkswagen-ID Buzz
Volkswagen-ID Buzz on netcarshow.com

We obviously can’t stop talking about the new Buzz concept. We’ve written about Volkswagen’s long history of making vans and the Buzz itself a time or two, but as we reach 2020, we are more excited about it than ever. The Buzz is an all-electric van concept that offers the feel of Volkswagen’s iconic vehicle while leaping into the future with autonomous driving, a controller-like steering wheel, and customizable seating arrangements. Volkswagen strives for a 300-mile range for this model, quite a feat for a vehicle of this size and stature. It may be a little sleeker and more futuristic than its predecessors to catch up to electric standards, but the Buzz is a van we want for ourselves and can’t wait to see on the road in 2022.


Volkswagen-ID Roomzz
Volkswagen-ID Roomzz on netcarshow.com

The Roomzz will be very roomy indeed. It’s expected to feature three rows of seats or just two rows with reclining passenger seats. Like the other ID concepts, the Roomzz will use two electric motors to control the front and rear wheels, making the Roomzz all-wheel drive. Volkswagen estimates 250 miles before recharging. Just under 5 inches shorter than the Buzz, the Roomzz will make its debut in Chinese markets starting in 2021 and hopefully reaching the U.S. shortly after.


Volkswagen-ID Buggy
Volkswagen-ID Buggy on netcarshow.com

To understand the Buggy concept, you have to look back in time and into the future simultaneously. Back in the 1960s, Volkswagen Beetle chasses were used to build Meyer Manx dune buggies. These little sand buggies became the go-to rides for days on the beach and romping around in the summer. For roughly $600, you could build your own Manx back in the day, but today’s ID.Buggy may not even make it to production. This buggy concept is more of an ode to Meyers Manx, the man who used the internal parts from a VW Beetle to keep the feel-good tradition of fun and adventure. There may be hope for this concept to come to life, but it’s not at the top of Volkswagen’s list.

What concept do you like out of the ID lineup? Comment below with your favorite.

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