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New Car Tech You Need in 2020


The future is here with new car tech. See all the latest and greatest of what’s coming down the auto technology pipe here.

To the Future and Beyond…

Over the last decade, innovations in car technology have been exponential. With most cars leaving the factory with backup cameras and safety systems, there are still car tech ideas finding their way to the forefront of car shows everywhere. In 2020, we’ll see even more changes to the inside of our daily drivers that make our commutes and road trips more entertaining, comfortable, and safe. Let’s take a look at what’s to come for the future of car tech soon.

Night Vision Cameras

Backup cameras have now become an expectation, but the backup camera technology in vehicles has been missing one thing: night vision. Night vision, although in some vehicles already, has been a hit or miss for car manufacturers. In the future, all backup cameras will feature some kind of night vision technology to help you better see the world around you when it gets dark.

In-car Monitoring Systems

Volvo interior

Speaking of cameras, in-car monitoring systems may be coming down the line soon. Manufacturers like Volvo and General Motors want to make the roads safer by alerting drivers before starting their vehicles. Things like distraction and intoxication cause accidents around the world, so automakers are looking to decrease those numbers by preventing distracted or influenced driving before it happens. General Motors’ Cadillacs already use a type of in-car monitoring system, Super Cruise, to track drivers’ eye movements to ensure they are awake. If the cameras detect anything out of the ordinary, the car alerts the driver and even brings the car to a complete stop if nothing changes.

Massaging Seats

Lincoln Massage Seats

You no longer have to find yourself at the nail salon or airport to plop yourself down in a massage chair. 2020 may be the year your new vehicle features massing seats to give you the extra comfort you need to make it through hours of driving.

Head-Up & Holographic Displays

Mazda CX5 Driving Display

Looking down at your dashboard can be dangerous, hence why car manufacturers are using their skillsets to provide drivers with head-up holographic displays to feature stats like speed, gas tank capacity, and more right on the windshield. Instead of looking down, you’ll be able to review these important numbers while looking through your windshield at eye level. Pretty fancy stuff.

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More Car Communication

A Woman in a Self Driving Car

Wouldn’t it be nice if your car just knew when to stop on its own? Though self-driving cars are here, they’re not ready for real-world driving yet. Instead, car manufacturers and designers are focusing on teaching our vehicles to communicate with one another and the world around them. Imagine if your vehicle could communicate with the stoplight up ahead. You’d be able to stop in time, instead of rushing through a yellow (who are we kidding, we know it’s red) light. Your vehicle could also communicate with other cars around you to determine if a collision was inevitable to help you avoid a wreck if possible.

Virtual Reality Entertainment

Girl wearing Virtual Reality headset

Audi’s partnership with Disney set off a string of virtual reality entertainment schemes for family vehicles. Disney and Audi worked together to synch a VR headset to a car’s movements allowing passengers to interact with Disney characters throughout their ride. For families with small kids who like to road trip, virtual reality entertainment will be a key feature to keeping everyone sane. Audi is looking to implement their version of VR by 2020 or 2021.

Mobile Apps for Cars

My Chevrolet App

As key fobs are becoming easier and easier for car thieves to manipulate, car brands are building apps to connect drivers to their vehicles in a more secure way. In tests, using a mobile app to unlock a vehicle is much more secure as it ensures the phone is near the vehicle and under the right account. Not only will you be able to unlock your car, you may also be able to start your vehicle and check your fuel levels, as well as other diagnostics like tire pressure.

Look to the Future

As 2020 approaches, automakers are continuing to innovate behind the scenes to deliver more technology and features for drivers everywhere. Every year, more and more features will become standard on new vehicles, but for now, we look forward to new car technology innovations to help us uncover what life on the road will be like years down the road.

What do you think about the future of car technology? Let us know the comments below!

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