Munster Koach vs Grandpa’s Dragula

Koach Vs Dragula

Nominated for a Golden Globe for Best TV Show in 1965, The Munsters (CBS Television Network) introduced us to an everyday 1960’s family of monsters that never quite understood why people react so strangely to them. In one of its most iconic episodes, Hot Rod Herman, we are reminded just how unique and fun this television series is.

After Herman Munster loses his beloved Munster Koach to ‘Leadfoot Baylor’ on a drag strip bet, Grandpa constructs his own dragster, the Dragula, to win back the Koach in a rematch. But does Dragula have what it takes to win the race and take the #9 spot in our Halloween countdown of our Top 10 Favorite Ghastly Gas Guzzlers? Let’s put them head to head to find out!

Munster Koach

Made from three Ford Model T bodies, this customized 18-foot-long monster has a 289 cubic-inch Ford V8, originally designed for a Shelby AC Cobra, giving it plenty of bite. The engine has Jahns high compression pistons, an Isky racing camshaft, 10 chrome-plated Stromberg carburetors, and a set of Bobby Barr racing headers. The Koach comes with a four-speed manual transmission and a power rear-end.

Featuring a velvet “blood red” interior, the exterior has a gloss Black Pearl paint job, highlighted by ornate rolled steel scrollwork and lantern headlights. The frame, brass radiator and fenders were all made by hand. The front-end has a dropped axle, split radius rods and T springs.


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Grandpa’s Dragula

While the Munster Koach was built to be a more of a family sedan than a racer, Dragula was built for one purpose only: beating the Koach in a drag race in order to win it back. Constructed from an actual fiberglass coffin, the Dragula features a 350HP, 289 Cubic Inch Ford Mustang V8 with two four-barrel carburetors mounted on a Mickey Thompson Ram-Thrust manifold. Also given a four-speed manual transmission, the rear tires are fitted with 11-inch Firestone racing slicks, mounted on custom 10-inch Rader aluminum wheels, and steered by 4-inch Italian tires over English buggy wire wheels.

The exterior is golden with lantern headlights, and the “cockpit” only has room for one, with the driver encased in a glass bubble. The interior is lined with purple velvet silk inside a tube frame chassis.

And the winner is…

Built to drag, it’s Dragula with the win and the #9 spot in our Top 10 Countdown of our favorite Ghastly Gas Guzzlers.