Matt LeBlanc Joins Top Gear & So Long, Scion– This Week in Automotive News

Matt LeBlanc Joins Top Gear

You may know him as Joey from the sitcom Friends, but Matt LeBlanc is joining the Top Gear presenter team. Forget the scene in Friends where Joey claims to own a Porsche. Matt LeBlanc joins Top Gear, the incredible popular car show, as a legitimate car guy. He’s even appeared on the show in the past.

Read more in the official Top Gear announcement.

matt leblanc joins top gear

So Long, Scion

Well Scion, you’ve charmed millennials for 13 years, but it’s time to move on. Toyota recently announced that its youth-oriented brand, Scion, will be discontinued by the end of 2016. Scion sold just over 1 million cars over its lifetime.

Toyota will take on 3 Scion cars under the Toyota nameplate: the Scion iA, iM, and FR-S. Toyota is eliminating the Scion tC sports coupe, a vehicle that has the youngestaverage buyer in the industry, 29.

Toyota dubbed the Scion venture a success, noting the ability engage a young audience unlike ever before. The company believes it found out what young buyers truly want, and will use this to build Toyota’s young market.

For more information, read the Toyota/Scion press release.

So long scion

Hyundai IONIQ is Coming in 2016

The Hyundai IONIQ has set its sights on the US green car market. Already sold in Korea, the IONIQ will be available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or all-electric vehicle. For now, Hyundai plans to launch the hybrid edition of this compact 5-door hatchback first.

Starting at around $19,000 in South Korea, this car is poised to be one of the least expensive in its class, while still offering top-rank hybrid fuel economy. Hyundai estimates this car will achieved almost 53 mpg.

Read the Hyundai press release to learn more.

Hyundai Ioniq

Superbowl 50 Produces Many Automotive Ads

Inevitably, the automotive industry buys a ton of ad space during every Superbowl. We’ve picked 6 of our favorite Superbowl car commercials of 2016.

Superbowl Car Commercials