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The Magic Behind the Harry Potter Car


Inside the magical world of Harry Potter, brooms aren’t the only things that fly. Here’s everything about the flying Ford Anglia you know and love.

Have you ever wanted your car to fly? Well, you’re not alone. Arthur Weasley enchanted a Ford Anglia in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. Little did J.K. Rowling know that it would become quite the novelty character in the series as it brought magic to the muggle world and made for one of the greatest adventures.

Are you ready to feel the magic?

The Little Blue Car to Save Them All

The flying blue Anglia is first seen when Fred, George, and Ron fly from the Burrow to Harry’s “home” on Privet Drive. Harry has been locked up all summer and is in desperate need of an escape as Dobby the house elf continues to create trouble for him there.

The car came from Arthur’s muggle collection that he’s managed to collect while working in the Magic in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. Arthur, always fascinated with how Muggles live their daily lives, had enchanted the car to fly before the boys got their hands on it, just in time to help Harry make a great escape from Privet Drive.

Harry Potter flying car 1959 Ford Anglia
Rupert Grint (Ron) and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" (2002) – imdb.com

Fred, George, Ron, and Harry make their getaway to the Burrow but are greeted by a very angry Mrs. Weasley upon their return. Mr. Arthur Weasley, on the other hand, was thrilled and wanted to know all about their adventure before being reprimanded by Mrs. Weasley himself.

The little blue car was more than just a getaway car. It became the only chance Harry and Ron had to get to Hogwarts in their second year after Dobby closed the usual train station portal to their usual train. Though the trip to Hogwarts would seem uneventful, the boys and the car encountered the Whomping Willow damaging the car beyond repair, leaving the car to retreat on its own into the Forbidden Forest.

Later in the story, Ron and Harry would return to the forest following a trail of spiders where they meet a gigantic spider named Aragog that would prefer to eat them instead of helping them on their quest. Thankfully, the loyal blue Anglia came to their rescue and helped them escape unscathed. Though it returned to the Forbidden Forest shortly after ejecting them (safely) from the car once again.

The little blue car was more than just a way of transporting wizards where they needed to be, but also a tiny hero when they needed one the most. What more can you ask for in a car?

About the Ford Anglia

1959 Ford Anglia
1959 Ford Anglia – shannons.com.au

The Ford Anglia used in the movie was a 1959 model that cost roughly 310 pounds at the time. Europeans loved the Anglia because it was cheap, offered a variety of colors, and came with an engine that could do 36 horsepower. There was an Anglia for every need, lifestyle, and driver. You could get an Anglia in almost every body style including two or four doors, a wagon, van, and even a pickup!

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It would later become one of the Panda cars, or Patrol and Neighborhood Deployment Area vehicles, that constables used to patrol the neighborhoods during London’s population boom in the 50s and 60s. Eventually, Ford would discontinue the Anglia in pursuit of the Ford Escort, a very popular car in the UK to this day.

Why Did JK Rowling Choose the Anglia?

Rowling chose the Ford Anglia because it reminded her of her days spent with a good friend, Sean. Sean drove a Ford Anglia and the two drove around in it on days when boredom swept over them. To Rowling, this car became a symbol of freedom and so it would be for Harry Potter and his friends.

The Anglia On Set

There were several Anglias on the set of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Each vehicle was in various conditions, some were just the shell of the car while others were cut in half. The special effects team fitted one onto a rotating crane and gimbal set-up to get 360-degree views of the car for different scenes.

One of the vehicles was even stolen and later found in an actual castle (fitting for the car meant to be flying to a castle). Many think it was taken by a fan, but no one really knows who had their hands on it while it was away from the set.

Where Are the Cars Now?

Harry Potter 1959 Ford Anglia
One Direction singer Liam Payne says he paid a six-figure sum to buy the flying car featured in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" – indiatoday.in

Today, two of the beloved Harry Potter Anglias have found new homes. One belongs to Nigel Grint, Rupert Grint’s father (the actor who played Ron Weasley), while another belongs to One Direction’s Liam Payne. Payne is a huge Harry Potter fan and knew he had to have one for a nice six-figure price.

The Anglia: A True Hero

The little blue Anglia will always be held in reverence to Harry Potter fans everywhere. From getaway car to hero, it’s the little blue car that saved the day in more ways than one.

Would you enchant your car to fly? Let us know in the comments below.

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