Is Toyota’s Corolla the New Voice of a Generation? – This Week in Automotive News

Toyota’s latest musical campaign for the 2017 Toyota Corolla has gone viral. Approaching 3 million views in the first week, “You Don’t Own Me” highlights Toyota’s standard Safety Sense package and a handful of other features.

The video is mostly comprised of millennials in a variety of circumstances, with some cosplay and roller derby thrown in. As to the Corolla itself, the engine start button, in-dash menu display, and Lane Departure Alert are emphasized in a few of the sequences. And for those of you that are wondering, you can briefly see the back-up camera lens in one of the shots.

The Corolla comes with a price tag of around $20,000 brand new and the 1.8L engine gets a combined 32 mpg. Toyota is unquestionably targeting a diverse generation of millennials (and some young at heart), eager to get their hands on a new vehicle with the latest tech.

Check out the full video here:

Sneak Peek at Atieva’s ‘Atvus’ Sedan Reveals Similarity to Tesla Model S

According to an article published by Recode on Thursday, Atieva’s first electric car closely resembles Tesla’s Model S. Said to rival Tesla’s Model S, Atieva’s sedan will be called Atvus. It is reported to be capable of 0 – 60 in under 3 seconds, and possibly have autonomous driving capability, much like that of Tesla’s Autopilot. There is the possibility of a US manufacturing plant – with hopes to build 130,000 vehicles annually.

The unveiling of Atieva’s Atvus is slated for early December, and sales in the US are to be expected in 2018, followed by a roll-out to China shortly after.


Check out Recode’s article for more details.

Suzuki and Toyota to Explore Technology Partnership

In a joint statement Wednesday, Suzuki and Toyota announced that the companies have agreed to start exploring shared research and development on conventional automotive, environmental, safety, and technology information.

Both companies aim to benefit from the collaboration, looking for opportunities to partner and be more competitive with other companies who have benefited from collaboration in the US and Europe, as well as combat Nissan’s likely purchase of Mitsubishi later this year.

While exact details have yet to be worked out, some areas of focus the companies shared as opportunities are in the areas of automated driving, energy (specifically hydrogen), safety technologies, and information technologies.

Suzuki and Toyota Explore Partnership

Read the full joint statement here.