Ford F-650, Cobra Replica, Flxible Bus – Weird Stuff Wednesday

It’s time again for another edition of Weird Stuff Wednesday! Every week, we share 3 of the weirdest vehicles we can find on This week, check out this huge 2013 Ford F-650 Super Duty, an aluminum Shelby Cobra replica, and a 1945 Flxible Bus that was converted into a motorhome. You never know what you’ll find on, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

2013 Ford F-650 Super Duty

Ford F-650Check out this huge, menacing black Ford F-650. With huge smoke stacks, hood scoop, leather interior, backup camera, DVD system, and more, this truck is customized and updated to the max. If you need to intimidate someone, destroy a wall, or just want to look more masculine, you can’t go wrong with this F-650.


1965 Aluminum Cobra Replica

Shelby Cobra ReplicaThe 1965 Shelby Cobra is a beautiful classic, but this aluminum Cobra Replica is something else. Created by Kirkham Motorsports, this is 1 of 7 Kirkham Cobras built with every available option. The beautiful polished aluminum exterior is offset by a 2 matte racing stripes. Dyno testing indicates this car will peak at 605 hp thanks to a big block V8. With an updated suspension, this Cobra replica should drive and handle better than an original Shelby Cobra.

1945 Flxible Bus

Flxible BusIf just driving a classic automobile isn’t enough to quench your obsession, why not live in a classic? This big, beautiful 1945 Flxible Bus has been transformed into a motorhome! Travel in style with this one-of-a-kind RV. Powered by a Cummins inter-cooled turbo diesel with a 6-speed automatic transmission, this custom build has a lot of character. From the “Salt Lake City” sign on the front of the vehicle, to the nearly flawless two-ton paint job, it’s hard to look away from this ride.

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