Driving Etiquette: A Rap

How many times have you been driving and a driver near you just seems to be doing everything to get on your nerves? They may or may not be breaking laws, but seem to be going out of their way to annoy every other driver on the road. This can range from speed, distractions, or the way they maneuver their car through traffic. Whatever it is, they are not exercising proper driving etiquette. Using proper driving etiquette can make driving much safer and pleasant for everybody. Vice Versa, using poor etiquette will make people sour and potentially cause an accident. What follows is a series of guidelines to follow to be sure you are not the bane of other drivers’ existence.

Driving Etiquette: A Rap

Eyes on the road

You can’t see while you text.

You can’t hold the wheel

And your breakfast.


Before you turn right

A few things you must do

Please make that blinker blink

In the turning lane, too.


Is it too much to ask

To drive in your lane?

No, not on the lines,

That’s just crazy, insane!


No, don’t swerve between lanes

And drive so crazy

I’m driving here, too!

Don’t cut me off, baby!


And hey you, back there!

Back off ‘fore I brake

You’re so close to my bumper,

I see the blush on your face.


So stop honking at me,

I’ve already heard you.

I can’t move any faster,

There are cars up here too!


But try and keep up

At least with the traffic

Driving slower than most

Is the top cause of havoc.


But wait, not too fast!

That’s also not great.

For a reckless four-door

Only stops for fate.


So, slow traffic move right

And fast, to the left

If you follow this rule

We won’t be distressed.


And if there’s snow on your car

Brush that off too.

A white-out, a blizzard

A nonexistent view!


Do scrape off your windows

Of all the frost and the ice

A 3-inch peephole?

No. That won’t suffice.


Every once in a while,

Check the bright in your lights

Don’t be caught with bad bulbs

In the dim dark of night.


Speaking of lights,

High beams are just fine

Unless I’m afore you,

Then I’m quite blind!


Last but not least

(And this I implore)

Don’t park on the lines

Or I might ding your door.

Driving Etiquette Mic Drop

In all seriousness, driving courteously will make the road a better place for all drivers. While you can’t control the behavior of other motorists, you can aim to inspire them with good driving habits of your own. A happier driver is a safer driver. If you’re not a happy driver, maybe you should look for a new car to cheer up your commute at www.carsforsale.com!