Custom 1957 Chevy Club Car, Studebaker Commander and Electric CitiCar – Weird Stuff Wednesday

It’s time for another edition of Weird Stuff Wednesday, when we feature a few of our most unique and spectacular vehicles out of the millions on This week we have a 1957 Chevy inspired Club Car, a custom 1940 Studebaker Commander, and a 1976 Electric CitiCar.

 Custom 2009 Bel Air Inspired Club Car

Don’t be a square. Doo-wop back to the good old days in this Custom Bel Air Club Car. Complete with cup holders for your milkshake, you can cruise the golf course in style. This cart seats four and has even more room in the back for clubs. So let’s go to the Hop, or the driving range.

2009 Bel Air Inspired Club Car

1940 Studebaker Commander

This fully restored and customized teal Studebaker is quite a bombshell. It features a rebuilt 1972 Chrysler 400 Big Block drivetrain, 727 Automatic transmission, and 3.23 rear axle gear ratio. Rust free with a completely redone interior, it also has power windows and shaved door handles with foot level access buttons.

1940 Studebaker Commander

1976 Electric CitiCar

Produced by Sebring-Vanguard between 1974 and 1977, the Electric CitiCar was the most produced American electric car until the Tesla Roadster 2011. All vehicles were built with space frames made from welded aircraft grade aluminum tubing and solid axles with leaf spring suspension. With a top speed of around 30 mph and a 6 HP engine, you can expect to get about 40 miles on a charge.

1976 Electric Citicar


See any fantastic vehicles on this week? Let us know in the comments!