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Comparison of Top 10 Boat Brands

Top 10 Boat Brands

Like with cars, there are a ton of boat brands and models to choose from. The research/shopping process be quite overwhelming. It’s boat week at Carsforsale.com, so we’re comparing the top 10 boat brands to help simplify your boat shopping experience. Whether you want to catch fish, take the kids tubing, or enjoy a romantic water picnic, there’s a boat brand on this list for you. We chose our top 10 based on popularity, reputation, availability, and more.


When considering boat brands, Bayliner immediately comes to mind. Owned by Brunswick Boat Group, Bayliner is the world’s largest manufacturer of recreational boats! This company offers deck boats, center consoles, overnighters, and is primarily known for its best-selling bowriders. Boating enthusiasts often consider Bayliners to be the entry-level, affordable option. With such high sales and production, Bayliner boats and parts should be easy to locate.


Of the top 10 Boat brands on the list, MasterCraft is the perfect boat brand for the skiing or wakeboarding enthusiast. With a focus on watersports, MasterCraft creates high end, well-equipped performance boats. This brand targets the young, athletic adrenaline junkies who get their fix with watersports. New prices range from around $60,000 to $130,000.


If your goal is freshwater fishing, Lund is one of the top boat brands to consider. Owned by Brunswick Boat Group, Lund boats have a clear focus on affordable fishing. Right on the company homepage, Lund features 5 new boat models priced under $17,995. Whether you’re trying to troll through windy waves on the Mississippi, or cast around a local pond, Lund has a fishing boat that will fit your needs. This boat brand has both aluminum and fiberglass options.


Alumacraft is often considered to be a top rival to Lund, and has been building aluminum freshwater fishing boats since 1946. Independently owned, Alumacraft has a wide variety of fishing boats to fit any freshwater situation. Some enthusiasts choose Alumacraft because the company can offer more flexibility in motor choice, being independently owned.


From musical instruments to motorcycles, Yamaha makes about everything. Yamaha is a premier maker of boats, jet skis, and boat engines, making it one of the top 10 boat brands. Yamaha makes some of the best-selling bowriders in the industry. The brand classifies its boats into the following categories: 19 ft, 21 ft, 24 ft, and center console. The Yamaha has a large variety of WaveRunners (jet skis), that cater to performance, luxury, or versatility. Many owners claim that Yamaha offers great all-around reliability. While most Yamaha boats are best-suited for watersports, they have boats suitable for a variety of activities.

Sea Ray

Yet another top 10 boat brand owned by Brusnwick Boat Group, Sea Ray offers a wide variety of upscale boats. Some consider Sea Ray to be “the Cadillac of boats.” From smaller sport boats to immaculate multi-million dollar yachts, Sea Ray focuses on a superior boating experience. This company generally offers greater technology and comfort in comparison to lower-priced alternatives. Also worth noting, owners report that Sea Ray boats hold their value very well.


While Ranger sets its focus of fishing boats, there are Ranger boats for a variety of activities. Ranger categorizes its boats into the following categories: Bass, Fish-N-Play, Multi-Species, and Saltwater. While Ranger boats are generally priced slightly higher than other boats in its class, owners report that Ranger generally builds a higher quality, longer lasting boat.


While Sea-Doo stopped its production of boats in the 2013 model year, they still make an exciting lineup of jet skis. Sea-Doo is perhaps best known for the Spark, an affordable and efficient jet ski that starts around $5,000. It’s one of the best deals for a first-time jet ski buyer. If you’re looking for higher performance or superior luxury, Sea-Doo has something for everyone.


Tracker is one of our top 10 boat brands because Tracker boats are the #1 selling fishing boat in America. Boat categories include: Deep V boats for big water family fun, mod V boats for bass or panfish, and jon & utility boats for fishing, hunting, work, or play. While the primary focus of Tracker is fishing, the secondary focus is family fun.

These 10 brands are just the beginning. There are many, many more great boat brands out there. Search Boats & Watercraft on Carsforsale.com to find the best deals on boats for sale near you.

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