’s Top Picks for Motorcycle Road Trips

As you may know, it’s Motorcycle Week at where we have been celebrating motorcycles all week on our social media accounts. We’ve posted weird facts, gave history lessons, tested your knowledge of bikes and many other fun posts this week. While doing this we almost forgot the most important reason why you should buy a motorcycle this year. America is a beautiful country full of amazing places to visit with some spectacular views. Sure you can load of the family minivan and drive somewhere, but the only way you can truly experience a road trip is on a motorcycle.

We made a list of some of the best road trips for you and your motorcycle. Many of the experienced riders have likely been on a few of these trips. However, it’s not too late for you to start because your next motorcycle is only a few clicks away and waiting for you on



This is one of the shortest trips in terms of distance on our list but don’t let the length discourage you. The Beartooth Highway in easily the most scenic 68 miles of road you can experience in America. This journey starts a little south of Red Lodge, MT at an elevation of 6,400 ft. From there you will travel to the front door of Yellowstone National Park in Cooke City, MT. You will be taken on a journey of twists and turns, with plenty of elevation changes along the way. At the highest point on your trip, at Beartooth Pass, you will be at 10,947 ft in elevation. This is a fun but challenging ride for experienced bike riders. We promise that the views of some of the waterfalls along the way will absolutely amaze you. The picture here is a map of the road you will be riding on. Now that looks like an adventure to us!




US Hwy 1 is a road that starts in Maine and extends through 13 states including Washington, DC. and ends at the southern most tip of America in Key West, FL. The entire 2,450 mile trip is am amazing experience and will take you through America’s history with many informative stops along the way. The most exciting and fun you’l have riding US 1 will come near the end of your journey when you arrive in Key Largo, FL; the largest island in the Florida Keys. You will travel down a narrow highway surrounded by 360 degree views of the open water. We suggest bringing a Jimmy Buffet Greatest Hits CD for this 106 mile trip, as you island hop on your motorcycle.

We’ve included some historic roads on this list but none quite as popular as Route 66. Along with your “kicks”, you will visit a total of 8 states along this highway that starts in Chicago, IL. The excitement of this road trip isn’t limited to just the fun of traveling on the open road. Along the way, you will visit many major cities, including: St. Louis, MO; Oklahoma City, OK; Santa Fe, NM; Flagstaff, AZ; and Las Vegas, NV. This trip is also roughly 2,400 miles similar to US Hwy 1. It is the road that started all road trips in America, and before the ground was even paved, people were traveling along this famous road. Round up as many people as you can and travel through the Ol’ West.

Anytime the road meets the shore, it seems to make a very magical bike ride. The Pacific Coast Highway is a 650 mile trip in California along California State Road 1. Of the entire 650 mile trip, 550 of those miles are directly along the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The easy-to-handle aspect of a motorcycle will definitely come in handy when riding along the twists and turns of the California coast. California is known for it’s long lines in traffic, but you shouldn’t hit any along this road. And if you do, you should have no problem staying calm as it will feel like just a day at the beach.

This parkway is known as the “park-to-park” road as it connects the Shenandoah National Park with the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. The Blue Ridge Parkway is part of the Appalachian Mountains near the East Coast. The trip is less than 500 miles but we suggest taking the time to stop along the way at as many scenic overlooks as you can. The road was constructed in a way to allow you to enjoy as much of the scenery as you can without damaging the terrain. However, this means at times it will require you to park your bike and walk a little to take in all of the views. And trust us, there are plenty of great views that are worth the stop.



  • The Three Sisters or Twisted Sisters – 100 Mile Loop in the Hill Country of Texas

If you are a fan of blind corners that follow steep canyons and jagged rocks, then this 100 mile loop is perfect for you. It is named The Three Sisters for the three roads that come together to form the loop which includes Ranch Road 335, 336 and 337. We prefer the Twisted Sister name because it gives you a slightly better grasp on the difficulty of the road to ride on.  If you visit this area on any weekend you are likely to find many adrenaline-seeking bikers like yourself riding around on the loop. Since this is a complete loop, you can continue to ride around until you want to stop as there is no specific beginning or end. is located in SiouxFalls, SD. This is why this next motorcycle road trip has a special place in our heart. Located within the 73,000 acre Custer State Park, this road was  completed in 1922 as a “National Scenic Byway.” The Black Hills of South Dakota are home to many beautiful views, with Needles Highway being the best way to see many of them. Many bikers that have visited the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will likely be very familiar with Needles Highway. The annual rally brings close to 500,000 visitors to the area and many of them make the  1 hour trip south to ride the sharp turns, travel through tunnels and gaze at the impressive granite spires of Needles Highway.

The Mighty Mississippi is the 2nd largest river in America and considered to be the dividing line between the East and West. This 2,550 mile journey allows you to follow the path of the river as it flows into the Gulf of Mexico. It begins in Minnesota and by the time you reach the gulf, you will have traveled through 10 states. This is another leisure road trip that should be enjoyed slowly while visiting many cities along the way. If you enjoy camping, this trip offers you many great places to rest your head along the way near National Wildlife Refuges and Conservation Areas.