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Carsforsale.com’s Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Convertible in 2014

Darrek Olson

You’ve been saying it for years now but this is going to be the year that you finally buy a convertible. Well this is the perfect time to buy one and there is plenty of summer weather left. Just in case you need a reason to finally make that leap, here are Carsforsale.com’s Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Convertible in 2014.

10. Excuse to Crank Up the Radio

If you like peace and quiet while driving in your vehicle, then a convertible is NOT the best option for you. The wind will blow in your hair and the person next to you will be hard to hear. Instead of shouting at each other, just crank up the volume on that radio and blast the summer time tunes. Trips to the store to grab milk will turn into karaoke sing-along sessions.

Jeep9. They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Convertibles are not just limited to sports cars and muscle cars like in the past. More and more manufacturers are realizing the popularity of convertibles and making it an upgrade option for consumers. Range Rover recently announced their Range Rover Evoque will be a convertible in 2015. You can find a vehicle with a drop-top in almost any size, shape and color you can dream of.

8. You’ll Get a Great Tan

The day you buy your first convertible, you can immediately cancel that costly tanning club membership. You can now use that money you saved to drive around in your convertible. With the top down, the sun’s rays will give you a great tan. Although you may not be close to a window at your cube farm or office, but when traveling to and from work you’ll take in enough sunlight for the entire day.

backseat7. Forces You to Keep a Clean Car

Have you ever seen the top down to reveal a messy convertible? No. When driving your convertible, you will want to look as cool as you can. Having fast food wrappers and gym bags with clothes sprawled all over the back seat is not going to cut it. Although people may steal your gym bag if you leave it in the backseat, they definitely won’t clean your car of trash. Having a convertible will definitely force you to maintain a clean car.

6. Convertibles Are Fun to Drive

This needs no explanation. If you have driven in a convertible as either the driver or passenger, you know exactly what we mean. If you haven’t, go to Carsforsale.com and find a dealer near you and test drive one today. Like right now!

5. Traffic Jams Turn into Beach Days

What once was an anger-filled time for you as you wait for the guy in front of you to move 15 feet before slamming on the breaks only to wait a few more minutes to move again, turns into a nice relaxing outing at the beach. It’s 5 o’clock and the sun is shining on you. There is no reason why you should be angry. Please refer to the above Reason #10 on what you should do if you are still needing something to calm you down if you are still angry.

blind-spot4. Unlimited Head Room with Zero Blind Spots

With the top down, it essentially eliminates all of your blind spots that were once there when the top was up. You will have 360 degrees of viewing as you switch lanes and parallel park your vehicle. “Am I too close to the curb?” These words will never be said in a convertible because you can pop your head around and see for yourself. The unlimited head room is also a great feature. You drive your fire engine red Mini Cooper convertible and all of a sudden your 6’4” college roommate needs a ride. That’s easy. Drop that top and you both will have enough room to raise your arms in the air and scream like you both did on that roller coaster from your freshman year.

3. Vitamin D is Great for You

Maybe you are stuck in the basement mail room at work for 10 hours a day. Then you go home and watch Netflix marathons of your favorite TV shows for 5 hours until you fall asleep on the couch for 8 hours, only to start hat cycle again when you wake up. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that cycle but you are likely not getting the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D. Well the doctor says you need to go out and buy a convertible. We promise you will never be deficient in Vitamin D again, as the sun is a great source for this essential vitamin.

2. You’ll Never Have to Blow-dry Your Hair Again in the Morning

You’ve overslept and only have 15 minutes to be at your desk at work before the boss notices you are late. If you had a convertible, you would easily shave a few minutes off from the regular routine by not having to blow dry your hair. Your hair might be a little messy, but everyone will completely understand. “Sorry I’m late guys. I had to battle a wicked headwind in my convertible this morning.” Not only are you excused for being late but you are now the coolest guy in the office.

5. Chevy Corvette1. You Are Only Young Once; Unless You Buy a Convertible

You are young and deserve to live a good life. Go out and buy that luxury convertible and ensure you are happy in life for the next 10 years. Or if you want to feel young again, a convertible is the perfect way to do that. Convertibles are like jet skis in the sense that you will never find someone who isn’t happy in a convertible. You are young and alive when you feel the whip of the wind in your hair. Some people claim that men may buy a convertible when going through a midlife crisis. People only say this because they are jealous because they know Bob just turned 45, but looks like he’s 25 in that 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.


Darrek Olson
Darrek Olson

Darrek is an enthusiast driver who values the journey more than the destination. A self-proclaimed Miata fanboy, his obscure knowledge of cars sometimes prevents him from remembering what he had for breakfast.

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