’s Prediction for the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals

Logo-in-IceThe Stanley Cup Finals begin Wednesday, June 4th, as the LA Kings face off against the New York Rangers. Here at, we decided to predict who will win based on vehicles associated with both teams. We will leave the analysis of players to the talking heads on sports networks and focus on what we know well; vehicles.

Although this will be the first time these two will meet in the Stanley Cup Finals, both L.A. and New York have a long history of sports team rivalries. The National Hockey League (NHL) expanded in 1967, when they decided to double their size by adding six more teams; including the newly formed Los Angeles Kings. When the LA Kings were added to the NHL, many hockey fans looked to reconnect the rivalry these two cities already experienced in other sports contests during that time period.

It has taken nearly 50 years, but these two hockey teams will now have the opportunity to face off on center ice for the Stanley Cup. We thought we would predict the winner and include the history of some vehicles as well.


Match Up #1

  • The New York Rangers franchise began in 1926, the same year Chrysler was founded and production began on the Chrysler Imperial.
  • The Los Angeles Kings franchise began in 1967, the same year Chevrolet introduced the Chevy Camaro.



Advantage: Los Angeles (The Chevrolet Camaro continues to be a top selling vehicle for many car buyers)


Match Up #2

  • Head Coach for the New York Rangers, Alain Vigneault, was born in 1961; the same year the Ford Falcon was released.
  • Head Coach for Los Angeles Kings, Darryl Sutter, was born in 1958; the same year the Subaru 360 was introduced (AKA the Japanese Beetle).



Advantage: New York (That Falcon just looks too nice!)


Match Up #3

  • The last time the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup was 1994. The most popular car that year was the Ford Taurus
  • The last time the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup was 2012. The most popular car that year was the Toyota Camry



Advantage: Los Angeles (The Toyota Camry continues to be a very popular mid-sized vehicle with twice as many listed for sale on


Match Up #4



Advantage: New York (Despite the Prius being widely popular across much of America, the Honda Accord has more vehicle views on


With a tie of 2-2, we decided to look at some of the vehicles current players of each team drive to help decide the tiebreaker.



  • Henrik Lundqvist, goaltender for the Rangers, has a customized a Lamborghini which has his last name in place of the Lamborghini signature logo.
  • Jonathan Quick, goaltender for the Kings, recently came to a game driving a Mercedes S-Class

Lambo-Benz (1)


Advantage: New York  (Although these are both quality luxury vehicles, we love our custom vehicles)


Based on our findings, we predict that the New York Rangers will win the 2014 Stanley Cup. Our finding are clearly not very scientific but at least we didn’t buy an octopus to help predict the winner like seen here.