Ranked as the #2 IT Company in Sioux Falls Business Journal

We received some very exciting news here at last week.  We were honored to be ranked as the number two IT Company in Sioux Falls by the Sioux Falls Business Journal!  This marks the first time we submitted an entry for consideration, and we were elated to find that our initial ranking placed us all the way up at number two!

The Sioux Falls Business Journal, which is published weekly by the Argus Leader, releases company rankings for the Sioux Falls MSA (which stands for “Metropolitan Statistical Area”) on a regular basis in their segment known as “The List.”  Titled “Top 15 Software Design & IT Companies,” this list was previously released in 2011.  The top four businesses included:

1)    Fiserv
3)    SDN Communications
4)    DocuTap

It is an exciting time to be part of the family.  During the Sioux Falls Business Journal’s information gathering phase, we had a total of 170 employees, with 93 of these employees incorporated into our IT or software staff.  Over the course of one year, our total number of employees underwent an 89% increase!

The thrilling rate of growth we are experiencing is expected to continue for years to come.  We credit being ranked as the number two software design company in Sioux Falls to the dedication and hard work of our team, as well as our outstanding relationships within the community.  We’re very thankful for the warm reception we’ve received from citizens within the community, as well as our fellow local businesses.  We greatly look forward to what the year 2014 will bring!

Sioux Falls Business Journal

Sioux Falls Business Journal

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