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Carsforsale.com Makes Giving Back a Priority at the Humane Society


Carsforsale.com Puts Their Paws to Work

At Carsforsale.com, we believe that lending a helping hand can make all the difference. Once a month, a group of Carsforsale.com employees takes a day to visit a local organization in our community to help where they need it most.

On June 20, some of the team members at Carsforsale.com put their paws to work at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society. Our employees enjoyed every second of their volunteer day spending their time cuddling up with some furry friends. The team walked dogs, cuddled cats, cleaned kennels, and helped with all the big and small chores that the Humane Society manages to accomplish every day.

cat laying down at the Humane Society

Happy Tails at Sioux Falls Area Humane Society

When the opportunity arose to spend an afternoon of work caring for four-legged friends, Katy in Human Resources signed up right away. “I really love animals, so when I found out that we had the opportunity to help out the Humane Society, it was something I couldn’t pass up.”

And that’s exactly what the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society wants to hear. Celebrating their centennial anniversary, the Humane Society has been providing temporary shelter to pets awaiting their forever home since 1919.

Sioux Falls Area Humane Society’s Volunteer Coordinator, Dana, stresses the importance of volunteers and why they are a necessary piece of their organization. “SFAHS relies on support from our community. We only have 40 staff members and could not possibly do all the jobs we need done without help from Service Groups. Service Groups help do the jobs that need lots of hands, such as cleaning, organizing and event prep. These jobs would take one staff member hours to do, where a group can easily get it done in a few minutes. The more volunteers we have, the more we can give our animals the undivided attention they need. We are so glad to have had Carsforsale.com out to help us!”

After spending a day helping the Humane Society give their animals the much needed love and attention they deserve, we felt like our employees had really made an impact on those around them, furry and human. By helping those who need it, we learned that volunteering not only makes our community better, but it also helps those around us get inspired to make a difference.

Caroline in Marketing shared the same sentiment when asked about her experience. “I feel really blessed that I was able to volunteer as part of my work day. Having the opportunity to love on all the animals was an incredible experience – I wish I could have taken them all home!”

Cars For Sale employee petting a cat at the Humane Society
Cars For Sale employee playing with a dog at the Humane Society

Why We Give Back at Carsforsale.com

At Carsforsale.com, we live by The Golden Rule, so giving back is a part of our DNA. We believe that helping others gives our community the chance to put its best foot (or paw) forward. Our Volunteer Day Leader and Human Resources Director, Dawn, explains why volunteering matters:

“We strive to offer at least one volunteer event for our employees in the community each month. Giving back to our local organizations shows how much we value the community we live in.”

Dawn U.
3 Cars For Sale employees walking a dog
Cars For Sale employee cuddling a cat
kitten at the humane society

All of our employees wholeheartedly believe that a day of volunteering changes the world of those who give and receive. Giving back not only helps others, but helps us grow together at work, at home, and in our community.

Thank You Sioux Falls Area Humane Society!

At Carsforsale.com, we appreciate everything the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society does for our local community of pets and their owners because after one day our employees were pooped, no pun intended! We couldn’t have asked for a better host for our June volunteer day and look forward to the next time we can serve both our human and furry friends at this caring organization.

Cars For Sale employees volunteering at the Humane Society

Need a Helping Hand?

Have a nonprofit or volunteer opportunity that needs a few extra helping hands? Contact hr@carsforsale.com to learn more about our volunteer day program.

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