Makes a Difference in the Community

At, we have always maintained a strong desire to give back to the community.  We recently had the opportunity to donate our time and efforts at a local establishment called The Banquet.  For those unfamiliar with The Banquet, their mission states: “We provide a safe place where people can gather, receive nourishment and experience love in action.”

Arriving before dawn, our team of volunteers was eager to serve breakfast.  We worked side by side with the staff of The Banquet by making meal preparations, cooking, serving, and cleaning up.  The staff operates as a well-oiled machine and are all very passionate about their work.  We provided food and fellowship to approximately 150 families and individuals. Employees at The Banquet Employees at The Banquet


Outside of enjoying the duties of a volunteer, many individuals walked away with touching stories from visiting with the guests that day.  Workers enjoyed socializing with guests, who were kindly willing to share their stories.  Our team members explained that they were moved by the individuals they met that day, and grateful for the opportunity to help.

Our owner, Sean Coffman, has always stressed the importance of being a servant to those in need.  This event was another excellent opportunity to provide a good meal and a safe location to those less fortunate than us.  The desire to lend a helping hand started with the generosity of our owner, and has trickled down through the entire Family.

We would like to thank The Banquet of Sioux Falls for all of their efforts to equip and organize volunteers with the means to help.  We look forward to working with you again!