Dream Team – 2016 Pro Bowl

2016 Pro Bowl

This Sunday, January 31st at 6PM, the top selected NFL players from all teams will compete in the 2016 Pro Bowl. Football is a lot like automotive. There are a variety of leagues, teams, and positions. In anticipation of the 2016 Pro Bowl, we’ve selected our automotive dream team.

Quarterback: Honda Civic

To lead our 2016 Pro Bowl team, has selected the 2016 Honda Civic. Sure, it’s a little smaller than most QBs, but the Civic has the brains, refinement, and agility needed to lead a team. The Honda Civic was named the 2016 North American Car of the Year, which is essentially an automotive MVP award.  Finally, the redesigned Civic looks great, so it can do Wrangler and Capital One commercials years after retirement, like any good QB.

Honda Civic QB

Running Back: Chevrolet Camaro

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is an exemplary running back. Camaro has the speed to outrun defensive backs, and off-the-line power to plow over linebackers, especially with a V8. Now in its 6th generation, the Camaro has impressed us this year as arguably the top car in its class.

Chevrolet Camaro Running Back

Full Back: Dodge Challenger

While the 2016 Dodge Challenger wanted to play running back during its rookie year, coaches continue to put Challenger in the full back position. We feel the Challenger is a little oversized for the half back position, but has incredible power downhill. Challenger will bust holes in the defensive line wide open with the 707 hp Hellcat engine. When it’s 4th and goal, you can be sure we’ll give our full back the ball right down the middle.

Dodge Challenger FB

Wide Receiver: Tesla Model S

For deep fades and fly routes, what better wide receiver than the 2016 Tesla Model S? Very few defensive backs in the league can keep up with 0 to 60 times as quick as 2.8 seconds. The Model S is also deceptively heavy, capable of blocking the quickest defensive backs, as well as big linebackers.

Tesla Model S

Wide Receiver: Mazda MAZDA3

The 2016 Mazda MAZDA3 isn’t as quick as some wide receivers in the league, but it is an all-around athlete you can trust to make the big catches when the game is on the line. This car has the knowledge to make smart decisions on the field, with an incredible line of features and top-notch safety ratings. There are few cars in this class that can match the overall quality of the MAZDA3.

Mazda3 WR

Tight End: Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 would have been on the line a couple years ago, but after switching to an aluminum frame over the 2014 off-season, F-150 is lighter and quicker than ever. It still has the power to run block when needed, and now has the speed and agility to get up and grab those game-winning end zone fades.

Ford F-150 TE

Center: Cadillac Escalade

At the core of our offensive lineup is the 2016 Cadillac Escalade. The Escalade gives us a huge, powerful presence on the line. With a big 5.4L V8, it can tow up to 8,300 lbs, powering most defensive linemen to the ground.

Cadillac Escalade

Right Guard: GMC Yukon

Cousin to the Cadillac Escalade, we’ve selected the 2016 GMC Yukon as right guard for our 2016 Pro Bowl team. This huge SUV will give the Civic plenty of time to let pass plays develop. With an optional 6.2L V8 engine, the Yukon has a ton of muscle to create holes on running plays up the gut.

GMC Yukon RG

Right Tackle: Ram 1500

Traditionally, the right tackle is your best run blocker. That’s why we’ve selected the 2016 Ram 1500. The 1500 is a towing beast with its optional HEMI V8, and is sure to create space for our running backs.

Ram 1500 RT

Left Guard: Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class is a perfect choice for left guard, offering composure, size, power, and luxury. The GL-Class can have up to a 5.5L twin-turbo V8, creating 550 hp. Very few defenders will touch our QB with such a strong presence on the line.

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Left Tackle: Ford Flex 

The big, boxy Ford Flex is quite deceiving. Despite its blocky, bulky presence, it’s incredibly agile for its class. Left tackles need to be top-notch pass blockers. The mix of size and agility found in the Flex makes it the perfect pick to complete our offensive line.

Ford Flex LT

It’s your turn. Pick your Automotive 2016 Pro Bowl lineup and put it in the comments below!