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Carsforsale.com Backs 2019 SQLSaturday Event


Welcome to Sioux Falls: The Silicon Grassland

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, continues to grow as a tech hub as the city entices more and more individuals into its community with a low cost of living and a great business climate. With this population growth comes job growth and as a company in Sioux Falls, Carsforsale.com is always looking for ways to help strengthen the community around us.

Our key to making our employees, our friends and family, and community better is to support events that bring us together to learn, create, and grow. And what better way to do that than to get involved in (605) SQL User Group’s SQLSaturday event that brings area tech professionals together for the greater good of self-development and community engagement.

What is SQLSaturday?

SQLSaturday events bring tech professionals together to learn more about the SQL server, which is a database used by coders and engineers in the software industry. This event provides a space for techies to come together and learn more about SQL through workshops with expert speakers and panelists. This year’s event was hosted over the weekend, August 9 and 10.

Attendees of SQL Saturday in one of the various sessions
@605SQL on Twitter

We grabbed Adam Hafner, a co-leader of the (605) SQL group, to give us a little more information on what the weekend offered. Hafner said, “SQLSaturday is a free training event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform. These community events offer content across data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and more. In many cases, businesses across our area either have no budget or have had their budgets slashed for training. Our Sioux Falls event provided these training opportunities because we know that data is the lifeblood of every business and that people that are responsible for data need to ensure they are being secure, efficient and applicable.”

'We know that data is the lifeblood of every business and that people that are responsible for data need to ensure they are being secure, efficient and applicable.” - Adam HafnerClick To Tweet

This event delivered so much value for tech professionals in our area, inside and outside of our office. It provided new ways for Sioux Falls professionals to talk about innovation and growth in our city and in the Carsforsale.com office to create a better community for all.

Working with SQLSaturday for a Better Sioux Falls

When Carsforsale.com was approached to work with SQLSaturday, we jumped at the chance to participate. We are passionate about driving forward innovations that come from our employees and our community. Lending a helping hand to this event gave us a chance to help others learn and get inspired by ideas along the way.

Keni talks with developers at SQL Saturday event.

To see what our contribution helped achieve, we sat down with Adam Hafner before the event to give us a little insight. He said, “Having Carsforsale.com sponsor SQLSaturday contributed to our mission of strengthening the South Dakota SQL Server community by providing opportunities for education and the exchange of ideas. Their involvement allowed us to guarantee a great venue, communicate out to our community effectively, and attract talented data professionals to present topics at our event.”

Strengthening Our Team Through SQLSaturday

For Carsforsale.com software engineers like Harshith Keni, the SQLSaturday event was more than just an opportunity to expand his knowledge.

Keni said, “These events provide us networking and training pieces so we can understand what’s cutting edge and what people around us are doing. Tech changes so fast and is evolving constantly, so getting a perspective outside of our day-to-day work is important for us. It allows us to stay fresh and bring new ideas to the table.”

Miles and Keni man the Carsforsale.com booth at the SQL Saturday event.
Miles and Keni man the Carsforsale.com booth at the SQL Saturday event.

Not only did the event provide Keni with new ideas, connections, and knowledge, it meant a lot to him that Carsforsale.com dedicated resources to help the event come to life. Keni went on to say, “Conferences that are centric to larger communities like New York City and San Francisco don’t always help the local tech groups, like (605) SQL, engage and work together towards new ideas and collaborations.”

“When Carsforsale.com announced that they’d be backing SQLSaturday, it made me realize just how invested our company is in developing a community that’s innovative, passionate, and talented.”

Keni, Software Architect

Thank You SQLSaturday!

With 200 people in attendance, SQLSaturday was a huge success for our city, our local talent and gave local businesses like us a chance to show our appreciation for our community and to move forward with innovation.

Looking for a local SQL group in Sioux Falls? Be sure to check out the (605) SQL group here in Sioux Falls for a chance to interact and learn with other tech professionals every month.

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