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Cars For Sale Rakes the Town


Rake the Day Away

Collage of people raking in Sioux Falls

On Friday, October 25th, Cars For Sale employees grabbed their gloves, rakes, and tarps to help clean up our community. Hosted by Active Generations, a local non-profit that provides fun and inviting events for our aging citizens, Rake the Town is an annual event that brings the community together by organizing volunteers to support Sioux Falls seniors who are unable to rake their yards.

This year, Cars For Sale employees got to work and collected over a dozen bags of leaves in only a few short hours. Some raked, while others bagged leaves and sorted out sticks. Our volunteers managed to clean leaves out of the street around the neighborhood, too.

CarsForSale Group Picture

This event came just in time as leaves began to fall all over Sioux Falls last early last week. Our city definitely needed a bit of clean up and our volunteers were happy to do it. Our yard was full of leaves, sticks, and pine needles before we started, but our volunteers were happy to pitch in and pick up. John, from Product Development said, “It was a great overall experience. Not only are you helping people throughout the community but also the city as a whole.”

Man raking leaves
'This isn't my first time participating in Rake the Town but it's my first time working for an employer who promotes volunteering for such events. Helping out the community is important to me, one leaf at a time.' -- Dante, Sales Click To Tweet

Raking a Difference

No longer surrounded by a leaf-covered yard, each of our employees had a smile on their face by the end of the afternoon. Though volunteering isn’t about the self-accomplishments, we were proud to have helped our community and our neighbors. To us, there’s nothing quite like volunteering, even if the act only impacts one person or family, the ripple effect of giving back fills up everyone involved.

Man and 2 women raking leaves
'I'm so thankful to be part of an organization that participates in many community outreach programs. It's not only fulfilling to be able to lend a helping hand to people in the community, it's also a fun team-building opportunity to spend time with coworkers.' -- Nikki, Product Innovation Click To Tweet

It’s all in good fun, but more importantly, we believe that any act of kindness is better than none and our afternoon spent Raking the Town was worth every second if it made a difference for someone else. By the end of the event, 117 teams, including Cars For Sale, raked 341 homes in the Sioux Falls community, which truly raked a difference for those who needed it most.

Are you an organization in the Sioux Falls community that needs a helping hand? Reach out to hr@carsforsale.com to learn more about our Volunteer Days.

Collage of People Raking Leaves in Sioux Falls

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