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The Bollinger B1 is The Talk of the Town


Electric trucks are hitting the market left and right, but the Bollinger B1 is a unique version of an electric truck that’s captured the minds and wallets of many!

The New SUV is a SUT

The Bollinger B1 is what Bollinger Motors calls a SUT, a sports utility truck. Much like a Land Rover Defender or International Scout, the B1 is a boxy, high-set truck with serious off-road capabilities. With an all-aluminum frame and body, the design is made to withstand bumps and bruises your vehicle is bound to accumulate in the backcountry.

What’s different about the B1 is that it’s somewhat like a roaming greenhouse. Windows surround the cabin, including in the roof, to give the driver the most visibility of the views outside. Bollinger designed the truck this way to bring the outdoors in to immerse drivers in the world around them.

Though the B1’s design is different than most, the company model is what sets it apart.

Where Did Bollinger Motors Come From?

Robert Bollinger, the CEO of Bollinger Motors, set off on the journey to develop the B1 after years of wanting to make a name for himself in the automotive industry. Bollinger saw success in his previous business and finally decided to put his money behind a project he was passionate about, building vehicles that can last an entire lifetime while also providing some fun and environmental benefits.

Bollinger B1
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The entire company thus far has been funded by Bollinger himself from selling his previous company. Though they are seeking more investments to help take production to the next level, Bollinger intentionally kept his engineering team small to maintain consistency in his design during the first few years of prototype production.

Twitter @bollingermotors

Bollinger is innovating a classic, retro-style utility truck that many want, while other companies are moving towards more futuristic, modern designs. The B1 and B2 do have touches of the future, but Bollinger and his team decided to make the truck rather simple to push the idea that this truck is meant to be timeless, much like revamped Broncos and popular retro-like SUVs.

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So, What’s the Big Deal?

Bollinger may not seem like a frontrunner in the electric SUV game, but the B-models have already secured 20,000+ pre-orders. Each vehicle is handmade, so those that place pre-orders now can expect a longer waiting period before delivery, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from rolling in.

Twitter @bollingermotors

Despite the news that Ford, Rivian, Atlis, and Tesla are close to delivering their electric truck prototypes and production-ready models, Bollinger doesn’t seem to be losing interest, which is good news for those awaiting a B1 or B2. It’s not only good news for pre-ordering Bollinger enthusiasts, but for all electric truck drivers of the future.

Bollinger’s take on an electric truck is much different than that of other proposed models and the company’s success will be a great indication of whether the truck industry can handle diversity. We already have a variety of electric cars, but electric trucks, especially in the utility sector, may see slow adoption. If Bollinger and other electric truck manufacturers see success with their differing designs, the car industry may leap further ahead with more innovative takes on our current vehicles sooner.

What do you think about the Bollinger B-Models? Let us know about the comments below!

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